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Papermaking ART 124 Summer Session II Jill Odegaard Contact information : Office –Alumnae Hall Rm 104, Office hours- by appt. Phone - 610) 606-4666 ext.3347 E-mail [email protected] Course Description This intensive studio session is designed to introduce students to the process and techniques of papermaking as an art medium. We will explore fiber preparation, research and design possibilities as the students explore their personal creative expression. Students will be guided through exercises designed to stimulate ideas and images that will be incorporated in their final projects Course Format The format of this course will involve technical demonstrations to familiarize the students with the technique and formal language involved in working with handmade paper. Power points presentations and artist videos will be shown as a means of exposing the student to fiber artists and the inspiration behind their work. Course Outcome At the completion of this course students will have a working knowledge of papermaking techniques from the preparation of fiber to completed works. Beyond the hands-on experience of creating the work, students will have a first-hand experience with the creative process and insight into ways that the creative process enhances problem solving in general. Course Evaluation Evaluation is primarily based on effort and involvement in the studio activities Research 50% Final project/presentation 50% A = Excellent - student takes risks and goes beyond the basic requirements of the project, professionally presents project, experiments with possible outcomes and sincerely explores and challenges their personal potential B = Good - student fulfills the basic requirements of the project and challenges their personal potential C = Average- student fulfills the basic requirements of the project D = below Average- student does not fulfill the basic requirements of the project F = not acceptable - failure to complete the projectAttendance Attendance is absolutely necessary. After one absence your grade will be lowered one letter grade. Two absences results in a failing grade. Classroom Protocol Appropriate classroom behavior is implicit in the Cedar Crest College Honor Code. Such behavior is defined and guided by complete protection for the rights of all students and faculty to a courteous, respectful classroom environment. That environment is free from distractions such as late arrivals, early departures, inappropriate conversations and other behaviors that might disrupt instruction and/or compromise students’ access to their Cedar Crest College education. Honor Philosophy The Cedar Crest College Honor Philosophy is based upon the principle that, as a self-governing body, students have the ability to create an atmosphere of trust and support. Within this environment, individuals are empowered to make their own decisions, develop personal regard for the system under which they live, and achieve a sense of integrity and judgment that will guide them through life. Schedule (tentative) July 11 introduction to session and project first experimentations with paper July 12 Hollander beater demo and sign up Pigmenting pulp Continued experimentation and demonstrations with papermaking Begin research for final project July 13 studio session Plan on working in the studio throughout the week so you can complete your research and your project. You will have access to the studio during the day and evening – until midnight July 18 in –progress critique July 19 studio session – focusing on presentation of ideas July 20 Final Critique and studio clean upMaterials List Bucket for storing pulp Small storage container to use as a vat Interface fabric (Pellon) 6-10 yd. Scissors Collage material String/yarn Other materials will be determined by individual projects. Studio Apparel Rubber shoes/sandals/ boots - papermaking is a wet process. The studio has plastic aprons, but do dress appropriately. Assignments 1. an edition of 25 sheets of handmade paper for a wall hanging plus 16 sheets for a paper exchange 2. portfolio to hold the paper from your edition 3. explorations in book binding 4. studio log of your experimentation with fibers, pigmenting and applications and general

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