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Use a 3-inch binder with internal pocketsProgress ReportsPORTFOLIOSPortfolios are a major part of student work in Evergreen programs. Portfolios are an excellent way to keep track of assignments, handouts, information, and reflection materials. Portfolios help you keep track of your learning and are critical when writing self-evaluations at the end of the quarter or the program. The most important rule is that you be consistent and thorough in maintaining your portfolio. A complete portfolio makesit much easier for you to evaluate your learning and for your faculty to evaluate your learning in the program.Suggestions:Use a 3-inch binder with internal pocketsAlways have a paper punch with youUse dividers with pockets to separate weeks or topics Be sure your name is on the front and on the first page of the binderTitle your binder with program name, date, faculty, and seminar leaderPlace all your notes and written work in the binder – if you use a separate notebook for class notes be sure you can put the notes into the binder. One exception to thisrule is your field notebook. Place your field notebook in the portfolio pocket.Generally, your faculty will give you a check list of items they expect to see in the portfolioPortfolios are usually checked at 5th week and 10th weekProgress ReportsOne of the most important forms of learning at Evergreen is your reflections and thoughtsabout your work. It is always a good idea to sit for a few minutes at the end of each week and write down what you have learned in class, seminar, field trips, and in research. This is not a laundry list of isolated points, but a set of ideas backed up by examples from lecture, observation, reading, and critical thinking. A narrative is not necessary but fully formed thoughts will be much easier to read at a later date. Progress reports are importantfor each week and over time. They are an excellent source of marked learning to support your final self-evaluation at the end of a program.Suggestions:Write an introductory statement that covers the major themes of the week. Consider what each faculty has brought to class and what you took away from the learning experience.Write a summary about the reading material especially the assigned seminar book. How did this reading inform your learning? What were the main points of the book? Did you agree or disagree with the author? What points did you learn in seminar from listening to your fellow students? What was a major point you contributed to the seminar?Write a progress report about assigned research, what was your progress? New ideas? Describe a field trip. What did you learn on the field trip? What would you like to see or hear more about?How did the week inform your overall learning? Any identified needs? Problems? People you need to

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