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GSU CSC 2320 - Syllabus ALL CSCI2320_2011_session2

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Attendance and Drop PolicyHomework Policy3. If it is necessary for a student to be absent, it is still their responsibility to determine if there are any changes in assignment due dates, schedule changes, etc. and to submit all assignments when due.4. Save all work on a floppy diskette or USB flash memory device for back-up purposes. (The computers on campus are reloaded periodically and anything you leave on them will be erased.)5. In case of a discrepancy in recorded grades, it is suggested that each student keep a portfolio of his/her graded work.Exam Policy1. Missing an exam is a very serious matter. There are only 3 valid reasons for missing an exam (see Attendance and Drop Policy above):a. School related functions such as band, orchestra, sports events, etc. A note from the coach, instructor, supervisor, etc. must be provided.b. An illness which requires a doctor's care (you must provide documentation from your physician for the absence, which includes the physician’s name and phone number.)c. A documented family emergency such as a death or surgery.2. Make-up tests will be conducted at the instructor’s discretion.Classroom / Lab ConductAcademic MisconductUniversity PoliciesDisabilitiesCSCI 2320 Data Structure Fall 2011Course PolicyCSCI2320 Data StructureFall 2011Catalog descriptionThis class is a required course for majors and minors. The fundamental data structures including sets, lists, trees, and graphs are studied. Various methods of implementing these structures are investigated and analyzedPrerequisite: CSCI 1480 COMPUTER SCIENCE IIComputer Science Program Outcomes- Outcome b. An ability to analyze a problem, and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution;- Outcome d. An ability to function effectively on teams to accomplish a common goal Course goalsUpon completion of this course, the students should be able to demonstrate an:1. Understand of the basic of data structure in the form of a C++ class and the ability to develop data structure for applications. Supports Program Outcome b via questions on quiz and exams2. Understanding of the different types of data structures and the ability to select an efficient data structure for implementing the solution needed. Supports Outcome b via programming homework and project.3. Ability to work with others as a team. Supports Program Outcome d via a team project.4. Understanding of Data Mining techniques based on specific data structure. Supports Program Outcome i via quiz and exams.TextbookADTs, Data Structure, and Problem Solving 2nd edition, Larry Nyhoff, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2005.ReferenceData Structures and Problem Solving Using C++ (Second Edition) by Alan Weiss, published by Addison-Wesley, 2000Course DescriptionThis course includes the following major topics:- Array, Pointers and Structures- Object and Classes- Inheritance - Algorithm Analysis- Lists- Stacks- Queues- Link lists- Binary Trees- Hash Tables- Recursions- Sorting1Course GradeYour course grade shall be based on the weights specified in the following table. Component Type Effort PercentageQuizzes Individual 10%Course Project Individual 15%Team Project Team 10%Exam1 Individual 15%Exam2 Individual 20%Final Exam Individual 25%Attendance 5%Your numeric score will be translated to a letter grade at the end of the semester according to the table below.Numeric Score Letter Grade90 – 100 A80 – 89 B70 – 79 C60 – 69 D0 - 59 FAttendance and Drop Policy:Attendance of every class is mandatory. Class attendance contributes 5% of your final grade. The Lastday to withdraw from this course with a W grade is Nov 4th, Friday (Check yourself) Statement on Academic dishonesty/plagiarism: Academic misconduct is defined in the section of Academic Policies in your Student Handbook. Students who engage in such misconduct will be penalized. You are encouraged to familiarize with all policies listed in the Student HandbookThe University of Central Arkansas affirms its commitment to academic integrity and expects all members of the university community toaccept shared responsibility for maintaining academic integrity. Students in this course are subject to the provisions of the university'sAcademic Integrity Policy, approved by the Board of Trustees as Board Policy No. 709 on February 10, 2010, and published in the StudentHandbook. Penalties for academic misconduct in this course may include a failing grade on an assignment, a failing grade in the course, orany other course-related sanction the instructor determines to be appropriate. Continued enrollment in this course affirms a student'sacceptance of this university policy.The University of Central Arkansas adheres to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you need an accommodation under this Act due to a disability, please contact the UCA Office of Disability Services, 450-3613.2Dr. Bernard Chen, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorComputer Science DepartmentUniversity of Central ArkansasCSCI 2320: Data Structure (Fall 2011) Class PolicyInstructor: Dr. Bernard ChenOffice: MCST 304, Email: [email protected] (subject MUST include CSCI2320)Class Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday 12:15 pm – 1:30 pm @MCST 338Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday: 10:40 am ~ 12:15 pm, 1:30 pm ~ 2:40 pm, 4:00 ~ 5:00 pm or by appointment Wednesday: 9:00 am ~ 12:00 pm or by appointment Extra instruction is available and encouraged when your own attempts to understand the subject matterare unsuccessful. Come prepared with specific questions or areas to be discussed. Attendance and Drop Policy1. Attendance is mandatory. Attendance will be taken in the form of a short answer related to the class.If you are absent on a day when homework, lab assignments or programming projects are due, you willautomatically forfeit any points assigned; the course assignment late-policy shall not apply. In addition,missed in-class daily work, quizzes and exams cannot be made-up. If you do not attend class, youautomatically forfeit any points given that day. Only Exceptions: a. School related functions such as band, orchestra, sports events, etc. A note from the coach, instructor,supervisor, etc. must be provided. Any homework, lab assignments, or programming projects due duringthe planned absence must be turned in to the instructor prior to the missed class, unless prior approval isobtained from your instructor (via written request) to submit the work after you return.

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