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Murray FRE 302 - FRE 302 SYLLABUS

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Murray State University Common Course SyllabiRevised November 16, 2007DEPT: Modern Languages COURSE NUMBER: FRE 302 COURSE CREDIT: 3 I. TITLE: FRENCH CONVERSATION AND COMPOSITION II II. CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Intensive practice in speaking and writing based on a variety of topics and materials. III. PURPOSE: to increase student ability • to converse in a clearly participatory manner • to narrate and describe with paragraph-length discourse • to write routine social correspondence • to deal with details and implications in literary and non-literary reading selections • to communicate effectively with native speakers. IV. & V. COURSE OBJECTIVES AND CONTENT: On completion of this course, the student should be able to demonstrate increased fluency (ACTFL Intermediate Mid or Intermediate Highlevel of performance). The A or B student should have an increased ability to comprehend native speech, to read with greater comprehension of authentic materials, to express opinions and feelings as well as factual information and to use complex structures and more advanced vocabulary and expressions in both speech and writing. Content of the course will be based on QUANT A MOI materials in Préliminaire through Chapitre 4. VI. INSTRUCTIONAL ACTIVITIES: Students will complete listening, grammar/vocabulary, writing and reading exercises outside of class in preparation for in-class oral (collaborative) and writing tasks. When possible, students may use the Système D computerized writing program. Also make use of the French Grammar Online (for review and self-check): see Instructor's webpage VII. FIELD AND CLINICAL EXPERIENCES: Interviews of native or fluent French speakers will be included when possible. Students will also view and comment on 2 French films during the semester.(See Film Club: Cinema International and /or videos on reserve for the course in Dept. library) VIII. RESOURCES: Texts, audio, and video materials, Système D program (optional). Grammar Online. Webpage: IX. GRADING PROCEDURE: •Class participation & homework; discussions and quizzes 25% •3 Compositions + improvements -15% •Oral tests: Role plays /presentations -15% •3 Exams ---- 30% •Final exam - 15% < Written 10% + Final Oral test(vocab & fluency) - 5%>X. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY POLICY: 1. It is the responsibility of every student to be informed about the collegiate Academic Integrity Policy. Cheating in whatever form is academic dishonesty.2. I expect to grade each student’s own individual efforts and achievement on written assignments and exams. However, when appropriate and announced, students are invited to collaborate and learn from each other on in-class dialogues and activities. XI. ATTENDANCE POLICY: Attendance is mandatory. More than three absences for any reason will directly affect your classroom participation grade for the semester. If you miss one-fourth of the class meetings (7) for any reason, you will not pass this course. If you are late or absent, it is your responsibility to keep a check on the webpage and find out and do any assignments missed and get handouts. Homework will not be accepted late. No absence from an exam will be accepted without prior notification of the instructor.XII. TEXT AND REFERENCES: Quant à moi (2 livres, manuel de préparation and manuel de classe) by Bragger & Rice ----new edition On-line grammar Small dictionary/grammar to bring to class References: Quant à moi audio tapes and video Système D computerized writing program Online Grammar (on instructor's webpage for grammar drills) Webpage: (you must check your e-mail and the course calendar before each class for possible updates) XIII. PREREQUISITES: FRE 301 or equivalent. XIV. CHALLENGE CREDIT: If you are a new student at MSU and you plan to use yourcompletion of this course with an "A" or "B" to challenge credit for earlier language courses, you must have taken the placement exam. In addition, you should fill out the paperwork for challenge credits (available through our departmental office secretary, Mrs. Thompson) for prior credits. There is also a fee involved. This procedure must be completed while you are still registered at Murray State

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