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2011BioS 101A Spring 2011 SyllabusLecture in 250 SES at 9 AM (CRN #17100)Laboratory in 3098 SELThere is another BioS 101 class this spring.You must register for a LABD that goes with specific lecture you registered for.Lecture Text: Freeman 2011 Biological Science 4th EditionISBN 10: 0-32-159820-2Laboratory: Molumby & Murray Adventures in Populations and Communities , 5th editionSTAFFName: Dr. Dennis W. Nyberg Dr. Alan MolumbyOffice: 3452 SES 3092 SELPhone: 312-996-2643 312-996-2994Office Hours: M12, Tu3, W10 M3:30-4:30, F3e-mail: [email protected] [email protected] Species & the ‘Tree of Life’ Chapter 1 What is Life? -p1 112-Jan Experiments & units Bioskills 1, 2, 3 & 514-Jan Natural Selection reread p 4-817-Jan ML King, jr. HolidayAdaptation & Experimental Design -p9219-Jan Energy & Isotopes Chapter 221-Jan Water 2.2 plus +p109524-Jan Sequence & probability Chapter 3 & 4, p359-363 Medieval Science -p27 326-Jan Bacteria & Archaea Chapter 28 & Appendix 1 p27728-Jan Disease population biology Chapter 28.131-Jan Controls & Probability “Experiment” p31 Ecology - Population growth 42-Feb Protists Chapter 29 Lab Report #1 Due4-Feb Plants & Agriculture p546-49; 556-5647-Feb Viruses Chapter 35Reading Scientific papers -p959-Feb Reproduction & N p194-202 & p1037-1046 Problem Set # 1 DUE11-Feb Life Cycles, meiosis Chapter 1214-Feb EXAM 1Human Variation -p39 616-Feb Segregation of Alleles Chapter 13.1 & 13.218-Feb Assortment of loci Chapter 13.321-Feb Genetic Hypothesis Testing Chapter 13.4 & 13.5 Genetics -Maize crosses p53 723-Feb Linkage of loci Chapter 13.4 Lab Report #2 Due25-Feb Human genetics 13.6 +Chapter 2028-Feb Natural Selection Chapter 24 Natural Selection - p83 82-Mar Allele frequency change Chapter 25 Problem Set # 2 DUE4-Mar Neutral Theory p443-4467-Mar Adaptation Chapter 41 except 41.2Population Genetics -p6999-Mar Speciation Chapter 26 Lab Report #3 Due11-Mar Phylogeny 1 Chapter 2714-Mar Phylogeny 2 Chapter 27Ecological measurement -p1391016-Mar Biomes & Climate p1001-101818-MarEXAM 2Spring Break Prairie Burn season28-Mar Aquatic environments p993-1001 Life Tables -p199 1130-Mar Prairie & IL Natural Areas p1005measure algae growth1-Apr Behavior Chapter 514-Apr Population growth Chapter 52 Taxonomy & Identification -p269 126-Apr Demography Chapter 52 Lab Report #4 Due8-Apr Competition Chapter 5311-Apr Consumption Chapter 53 Biodiversity -p257 1313-Apr Species Diversity 53.4 & Box 53.115-Apr Global change Chapter 5418-Apr Ecosystem Energy Flow Chapter 54 Ecology - Food Web -p223 1420-Apr Ecosystem Material Cycles Chapter 54 Problem Set # 3 DUE22-Apr Environment Organizations25-Apr Conservation Biology Chapter 55 Biodiversity of useful plants - 1527-Apr Ecological Restoration Chapter 5529-AprEXAM 33-May Optional Final Examination 10:30-12:30 p.m. Tuesday Location 250 SESBioS 101A will be graded on a fixed scale. Please carefully read, “GRADING POLICIES and PROCEDURES” posted on the course website: document describes the grading scale and how points may be earned in this course.Examination questions in BioS 101 will be drawn from lecture, assigned readings, problem sets and laboratory. You are expected to have read the assigned reading prior to lecture. Individuals are expected to be seated and ready to learn at 9:00 AM and to remain ready to learn at all times. Individuals who disrupt the lecture (please turn OFF communication devices) may be asked to leave the lecture. If asked to leave a lecture, you are not to return to that lecture. Students can contribute to appropriate lecture conditions by communicating to disruptive neighbors that their Laboratories sections meet on Tuesday through Friday in 3098 SEL. Assignments are due at the BEGINNING of the Discussion hour.If you did not attend your Discussion or Laboratory you can NOT earn points on assignments associated with those sessions.Students with disabilities who require accommodations for access and participation in this course must notify the staff prior to the end of the second week and must be registered with the Office of Disability Services, 312.413.2103 or 312.413.0123

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