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4DM801 Theology of Ministry Course Guidelines Syllabus and Assignments February 20 23 2012 Reformed Theological Seminary Atlanta GA Professor Dr Bruce H McRae Meeting February 20 23 8 00 a m to 5 p m at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta Georgia Dr McRae s Background Married to Katherine with children Calli Colin and Bonnie An ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America since 1986 Educational Background o BA from Washington University in St Louis o M Div from Westminster Theological Seminary o D Min from Fuller Theological Seminary Los Angeles California o MBA from Georgia State University Atlanta GA Ministry History o 1986 1988 Assistant Pastor Redeemer Presbyterian Church Doraville GA o 1988 1994 Senior Pastor Cornerstone Community Church PCA Los Angeles CA o 1994 200 Senior Pastor Brookwood Presbyterian Church Snellville GA o 2000 2002 Associate Director and Professor of Practical Theology Atlanta Seminary for Ministry and Theology Atlanta GA o 2002 2003 Executive Pastor North Park Presbyterian Church Pittsburgh PA o 2003 2005 Executive Pastor PCA Church of the Redeemer Atlanta GA o 2005 2007 Marketing Communications and Customer Service Manager UPS Mail Innovations Alpharetta GA o 2002 currently Visiting Instructor in Practical Theology Reformed Theological Seminary Atlanta GA o 2008 currently Director of Church Relations Great Commission Publications the publishing company jointly owned by the Presbyterian Church in America and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church o 2009 currently Adjunct Professor of Practical Theology Covenant Theological Seminary St Louis MO Course Description A study of the nature and work of the Christian leader from a theological perspective This course provides participants the opportunity to discuss contemporary participants the opportunity to discuss contemporary challenges to traditional models of pastoral ministry to interact with new developments in hermeneutics to develop a variety of ways for assessing recent cultural developments in the West and to renew interest in prayer as a part of ministry of the Word The focus of the course will be on the biblical theology that drives all ministry and to help the student develop a complete biblical theology of ministry Course Objectives Be able to formulate a theology of ministry that will guide their practice Be able to review the history of the development of the theology of ministry and to isolate issues that inform their practice of ministry and to show how these issues can enlighten their practice Be able to relate major themes of Christian theology to the practice of ministry 1 Be able to formulate exegetical arguments for their theology of ministry Be able to evaluate their own ministry in light of the theology of ministry they develop Be able to recognize the role of the social sciences in the practice of ministry and to compare the relative value of those disciplines with the direction they get from the exegetical and theological sciences Be able to embrace their roles in the church broadly considered and to set an example for their parishioners and colleagues that reflects the Bible s teaching about the role of the minister COURSE ASSIGNMENTS Integration Paper Write a twenty page paper describing a problem that the student encounters in his ministry and show how his theology of ministry provides direction for instituting programs in the church that lead to a resolution of the problem Make sure that you summarize the core values of your theology of ministry as part of the analysis of the problem and the solution The paper will be graded on the basis of how clearly the situation in the church is described the extent to which pertinent issues in theology of ministry are expounded and applied to the problem and the usefulness of the solution Consideration will also be given to the extent that the paper reflects the reading done by the student integrates material from class lectures and reflects serious thought about how theology of ministry can and should guide your practice of ministry Integration papers will be due on May 31 2012 via email Further details will be provided on where to send the integration paper Required Course Reading Each student must read 2000 pages of reading on the topic of theology of ministry Hull Bill The Disciple Making Pastor 323 pgs Lovelace Richard Renewal as a Way of Life 287 pgs Macchia Stephen Becoming a Healthy Church A 10 472 pgs Malphurs Aubrey Being Leaders 336 pgs Marshall Walter and McRae Bruce The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification Growing in Holiness by Living in Union with Christ 430 pgs Ogden Greg The New Reformation 288 pgs 2 COURSE TOPICS Date Day Date February 20 1 Topics Introduction The Need to Develop a Theology of Ministry through Biblical Core Values The Dynamics of Spiritual Renewal The Grace of the Gospel and God s Empowering Presence Worship in Spirit and Truth 2 February 21 Evangelism Discipleship Ministry in the Body of Christ Community and Healthy Relationships 3 February 22 Biblical Leadership Strategic Vision The Ministry of the Word 4 February 23 Prayer and Spiritual Warfare The Ministry of Service Biblical Stewardship Conclusion How to use these Biblical core values to lead your ministry 3 Bibliography Other Helpful Books on Theology of Ministry but not required for this course Bonhoeffer Dietrich Life Together 312 pgs Edwards Jonathan The Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God 206 pgs Colins Jim Good to Great 408 pgs Hallesby O Prayer 169 pgs Martin Ralph Worship in the Early Church P 230 pgs Pope Randy The Intentional Church 351 pgs Wagner Peter Your Spiritual Gifts Can Help our Church Grow C 27 311 pgs 4

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