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JC LPN 132 - LPN 132 Syllabus

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Jackson Community College Licensed Practical Nursing Program Fall 2009 Medications LPN 132Syllabus for LPN 132 Instructor: Mike McGlynn BPE, MBA, RN, MSN Office hours: Posted (mornings are the best time) Room: 223 Rawal Center For Health Professionals Phone: (517) 796-8485 Email: [email protected] Course Descriptions: Introductory concepts related to the purpose, use, and actions of medications in the treatment of disease are stressed. Application of the nursing process to the safe and legal use of medications is included. Credits: 3 credits Contact Hours: T 9-11:50 am JW 101 General Objectives: At the completion of the course, the student will: 1. Demonstrate competency in calculation of common medication dosages. 2. Apply the nursing process to disease processes presented in class, including legal ramification and client teaching. 3. Describe the mechanism of action, the therapeutic effects, the side effects, and legal ramifications and client teaching. 4. List complications of major classes of medications and describe related nursing actions. ASSOCIATE DEGREE OUTCOMES: The Board of Trustees has determined that all JCC graduates should develop or enhance certain essential skills while enrolled in the college. The Associate Degree Outcome addressed in this class is: - Demonstrate computational skills and mathematical reasoning.BASIC COMPETENCIES REQUIREMENT: Ability to read an above average amount of technical material Ability to compute simple algebraic problems Ability to use the metric system of measurement Instructional Methods Lecture Readings Worksheets A.V. Materials Discussions Required Text: Edmunds, Marilyn W. Intro. To Clinical Pharmacology 5th Edition, Mosby, 2006. Edmunds, Marilyn W. Student Learning Guide, Mosby, 2006 Henke, Grace Med-Math: Dosage Calculation, Preparation and Administration. Lippincott. A current (within 5 years) nursing drug reference book of the student’s choice. Student Responsibilities: Students are advised to read the assigned material and to attempt to master the provided worksheets before class. A math pre-test will be given the first day of class. (Review unit 1 for student objectives). Attendance at class is strongly recommended to obtain maximum benefit for the course. Regardless of attendance, Students are responsible for announcements and information presented in class. Use of the class schedule and syllabus will permit the student to make optimal use of his/her study time. Most college courses demand a minimum of 2 hours of preparation for every hour in class. Students are invited to initiate conferences with the instructor as needed, and to use the tutorial services provided by the college whenever they wish to improve their learning.Available Learning Services “Students with disabilities who believe that they may need accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact the Office of Learning Support Services at 787-0800, extension 8270 as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.” The Nursing Laboratory is staffed by faculty that can assist your learning. The hours change each semester but are posted on rooms JW 200 and JW 204. Tutors are also available. See your instructor if you feel this would be helpful for you. If you feel the need to talk with the faculty, their office hours are available and posted on their office doors. Keeping communication open assists both students and faculty. Course Evaluation: Grading Scale: Each test will be graded using the Nursing Department scale below. 94 -100% = 4.0 70 - 77% = 1.5 90 - 93% = 3.5 65 – 69% = 1.0 86 – 89% = 3.0 60 – 64% = 0.5 82 – 85% = 2.5 <59% = 0.0 78 – 81% = 2.0 * Students are responsible for monitoring grades utilizing the online grading system. A grade of a 2.0 or above is required to pass as per the policy of the Nursing Department 1. The student must receive a minimum of 78% average, which equals a 2.0 grade on the exams in order to pass NUR 132. If the student receives less than an average of 78% on the tests, she/he will receive a 1.5 grade regardless of the final grade in course. This is necessary because it has been shown that students that do not pass tests at this minimal level in the nursing program do not pass the NCLEX-PN examination (the national licensure examination) 2. The students must achieve 90% on Unit 1 Math Calculations test. Students must retake a similar calculations test throughout the term until 90% is attained in order to pass the course. If a score of greater than 90% is obtained after first attempt, the average of the math grades will be the final grade for the math unit test.3. The cumulative grade will be the final grade for the class if the student passes the exams with a minimum of 78% average. It will include the earned points from the quiz, exams and medication summaries. Grades will be computed as follows: Exams: 78% (6 X 13 %) must achieve a Minimum of 78% average on 6 comprehensive exams. Quizzes: 12% 6 quizzes (6 X 2 %). Medications Summaries: 10% (10 X 1 %) Total 100% Late Work: No Make-Up on quizzes is permitted. Medication summaries must be turned in at the beginning of class. If a student is late they must turn the assignment in at the first break. Students must call or email before the test is given and notify the instructor if they are going to be absent. The student must arrange to take a missed test. Ten percent of the grade will be deducted on the earned grade on the make-up test if the faculty member has not been notified before the test. All tests will be made up per arrangements with instructor.Medication Summary *Complete a worksheet per classification from the list that we will be discussing in class: See sample worksheet below. Blank sheets may be copied from below. 1. Anti-infectives/Anti-viral 2. Immunologic agents 3. Gastrointestinal meds 4. Allergy and Respiratory 5. CNS medications 6. Musculoskeletel /Anti-arthritic 7. Cardiovascular 8. Renal-diuretic 9. Hematologic 10. Hormones/Steroids/Pain 1. Select 5 medications from that classification and develop a medication summary utilizing the format provided. 2. Summary may be handwritten provided it is neat and legible. If handwriting is difficult to

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