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FIU MAD 3305 - Syllabus

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School of Computing and Information Sciences Course Title: Graph Theory Date: 3/20/10 Course Number: MAD-3305 Number of Credits: 3 Subject Area: Foundations Subject Area Coordinator: Geoffrey Smith email: [email protected] Catalog Description: An introduction to the study of graphs. Topics include the following: paths and circuits, connectedness, trees, shortest paths, networks, planar graphs, the coloring of graphs, and directed graphs. Applications of graphs to computer science will be discussed. Textbook: References: Prerequisite Courses: COP 2210 or CGS 2420 and either MAS 3105 or MAD 2104 Corequisite Courses: None Type: Elective Prerequisites Topics: Course Outcomes: 1. Master paths and connectedness in directed and undirected graphs 2. Master graphs that are trees 3. Master shortest path algorithms for weighted and unweighted graphs 4. Be familiar with planar and colored graphs 5. Be familiar with applications of graphs to computer science 1School of Computing and Information Sciences MAD 3305 Graph Theory Relationship between Course Outcomes and Program Outcomes BS in CS: Program Outcomes Course Outcomes a) Demonstrate proficiency in the foundation areas of Computer Science including mathematics, discrete structures, logic and the theory of algorithms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 b) Demonstrate proficiency in various areas of Computer Science including data structures and algorithms, concepts of programming languages and computer systems. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 c) Demonstrate proficiency in problem solving and application of software engineering techniques d) Demonstrate mastery of at least one modern programming language and proficiency in at least one other. e) Demonstrate understanding of the social and ethical concerns of the practicing computer scientist. f) Demonstrate the ability to work cooperatively in teams. g) Demonstrate effective communication skills. Assessment Plan for the Course & how Data in the Course are used to assess Program Outcomes Student and Instructor Course Outcome Surveys are administered at the conclusion of each offering, and are evaluated as described in the School’s Assessment Plan: 2School of Computing and Information Sciences MAD 3305 Graph Theory Outline Topic Number of Lecture Hours Outcome 3School of Computing and Information Sciences MAD 3305 Graph Theory Course Outcomes Emphasized in Laboratory Projects / Assignments Outcome Number of Weeks Oral and Written Communication No significant coverage Written Reports Oral Presentations Number Required Approx. Number of pages Number Required Approx. Time for each 0 0 0 0 Social and Ethical Implications of Computing Topics No significant coverage Topic Class time student performance measures 4School of Computing and Information Sciences MAD 3305 Graph Theory Approximate number of credit hours devoted to fundamental CS topics Fundamental CS Area Core Hours Advanced Hours Algorithms: Software Design: Computer Organization and Architecture: Data Structures: Concepts of Programming Languages Theoretical Contents Topic Class time Graph theory 40 hours Problem Analysis Experiences Solution Design Experiences 56School of Computing and Information Sciences MAD 3305 Graph Theory The Coverage of Knowledge Units within Computer Science Body of Knowledge1 Knowledge Unit Topic Lecture Hours 1See for a description of Computer Science Knowledge

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