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CORNELL CS 432 - Introduction to Database Systems

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CS432, Fall 2002 1Introduction to Database SystemsCS432InstructorJayavel ShanmugasundaramCS432, Fall 2002 2Course Information❖ Information is one of the most valuable resources in this information age❖ How do we effectively and efficiently manage this information?– Relational database management systems◆ Dominant data management paradigm today– 6 billion dollar a year industry◆ You will see this in the job market!CS432, Fall 2002 3People❖ Instructor– Jayavel Shanmugasundaram❖ TAs• Rohit Ananthakrishna• Chavdar Botev• Chris Re• Ilya RifkinCS432, Fall 2002 4Access to Instructor and TAs❖ Office hours– Posted on course web site–❖ Course newsgroup– Monitored by TAs– Reply within 24 hours on weekdays, 48 hours on weekends❖ TA mailing list– [email protected]– Do not directly email TAsCS432, Fall 2002 5Course Structure❖ Three components– Class lectures (0%, but attendance is crucial )– Assignments (60%)– Examinations (40%)CS432, Fall 2002 6Class Lectures❖ Textbook: “Database Management Systems”– By Raghu Ramakrishnan and Johannes Gehrke– Required textbook❖ Syllabus– Defined by class lectures– Not defined by textbookCS432, Fall 2002 7Prerequisites❖ Courses– CS212 (Computers and Programming)– CS312 (Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs)❖ Programming expertise– C++ programming (large projects!)– Can probably pick it up if you are familiar with Java/C– First assignment should help you decide!CS432, Fall 2002 8Course Structure❖ Three components– Class lectures (0%, but attendance is crucial )– Assignments (60%)– Examinations (40%)CS432, Fall 2002 9Assignments❖ Build components of a simple relational database system– Should have a working system at the end of the course– We will provide a lot of stubs❖ Six assignments– Buffer manager (10%, C++ programming)– SQL (5%, no programming)– B+-trees (20%, C++ programming)– Joins (10%, C++ programming)– Relational operators (5%, no programming)– Recovery (10%, C++ programming)CS432, Fall 2002 10Assignment Policies❖ Non-programming assignments have to be done individually❖ Programming assignments can be done with a partner– Liberal divorce laws! – Can do project alone, but not recommended❖ Course management system– Download assignment– Create groups– Submit assignments– View gradesCS432, Fall 2002 11Assignment Policies (contd.)❖ No late submissions– Will receive 0% of grade for late submissions– No exceptions (assignments handed out well in advance of deadline)❖ Regrade requests– Within 7 days after graded assignment is handed out– Hard deadlineCS432, Fall 2002 12Course Structure❖ Three components– Class lectures (0%, but attendance is crucial )– Assignments (60%)– Examinations (40%)CS432, Fall 2002 13Exams❖ Mid-term exam (15%)– 24 October 2002, 7:00-9:30pm– Closed book exam❖ Final exam (25%)– Examination period– Closed book exam– Cumulative with emphasis on second half❖ Do not schedule other events on these daysCS432, Fall 2002 14Relationship to CS433❖ CS432 is about database internals– DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, …❖ CS433 is about database applications– Amazon, Ebay, …❖ Complementary– Suggest that you take both– Can take CS432 without taking CS433– Cannot take CS433 without taking CS432CS432, Fall 2002 15Is CS432 a lot of work?❖ Yes! – Probably one of the most substantial programming courses– Much of the material is probably new to you❖ Then why on earth should I take this course?– Intellectual argument◆ Big conceptual ideas◆ Meeting of theory and practice– Utilitarian argument◆ Many, many real applications (digital libraries, web, …)◆ Job market!CS432, Fall 2002 16Reminder❖ Complete academic integrity form– Need to hand this in for your course management system account❖ Shop around for partners– First assignment will be handed out on

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