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MDC LEARNING OUTCOMESWhat are Learning Outcomes? 0001: College Reading I Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:15am-12:30pm General Course Expectations PROFESSOR: Ms. Smith WEBSITE: EMAIL: [email protected] MDC Hotline 305-237-7500 OFFICE/PHONE: B-103 / 305-237-5127 OFFICE HOURS: MW- 11am-3:55pm; TR 9:40am-11:15amTEXTBOOKS: Ten Steps to Building College Reading Skills 4th Ed., by John Langan Building Vocabulary Skills 3rd Ed., by Goodman, Mohr, & Nist. College Level Dictionary & Thesaurus Highlighter Ten Real Life Stories by Townsend Press Library MDC LEARNING OUTCOMES What are Learning Outcomes? Learning outcomes are specific educational goals that are related to the mastery of intellectual and practical skills. The Miami Dade College Learning Outcomes are learning goals that emphasize the lifelong skills needed to be successful in work and life and to participate in our society as a global citizen. Although the Learning Outcomes are traditionally associated with general education courses, they are fostered and developed across the entire educational and co-curricular activities associated with the students' major courses of study. As graduates of Miami Dade College, students will be able to: 1. Communicate effectively using listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. 2. Use quantitative analytical skills to evaluate and process numerical data. 3. Solve problems using critical and creative thinking and scientific reasoning. 4. Formulate strategies to locate, evaluate, and apply information. 5. Demonstrate knowledge of diverse cultures, including global and historical perspectives. 6. Create strategies that can be used to fulfill personal, civic, and social responsibilities. 7. Demonstrate knowledge of ethical thinking and its application to issues in society. 8. Use computer and emerging technologies effectively. 9. Demonstrate an appreciation for aesthetics and creative activities. 10. Describe how natural systems function and recognize the impact of humans on the environment. *L.O. (Learning Outcome)Course Objectives REA 0001 is a pre-collegiate course designed to raise your reading and study strategies so that you will be successful in subsequent college-level courses. You will develop vocabulary enhancement techniques as well as ways to improve your comprehension. You will have a variety of opportunities for practice and test inside the textbook, lab manual, and online. Academic Demeanor Please realize the importance of proper academic demeanor and turn off all cellular phones, MP3s, headphones, radios and any other electronic device(s) before entering the classroom. The professor reserves the right to remove anyone who creates a distraction in class (Code of Conduct #12). For more information about MDC policies and procedures, please refer to your MDC Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Handbook which can be obtained from Student Life (Room A-230) or go to the website: Learning Support Center (D-203, 305-237-5150) You will be required to spend time each week in the Learning Support Center/Lab. The entire class will go to the lab one class every other week. However, most likely this will not be enough time for you to complete the required lab work. It is included in your grade; therefore, please attend weekly so that you will not fall behind. (L.O. #4&8) Services for Students with Disabilities (ACCESS- A Comprehensive Center for Exceptional Students’ Services) MDC has developed special support services and accommodations to assist students with disabilities in achieving equal opportunity. Students may find out about these services and eligibility by contacting the ACCESS office (A112) at 305-237-5234. Unit Exams and quizzes will be given during the semester. There are five scheduled Unit Exams. The lowest score will be dropped from your final score. Please note the exam dates and make sure you are present in class. No make-ups will be scheduled for exams or quizzes. (L.O.#1&4) WebCt This is an online management software that aids students in this class by allowing the professor to post lecture notes, give information, grades, and quizzes. Finally there is a designated chat area, email and bulletin board to post messages. More information on how to log in and create an account will be given in class. (L.O. #8) “I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.” -Michael JordanProject You may choose between two projects for this requirement: * One will be an International Service Learning experience in Ica, Peru that will require participation at a school in a rural village for the purpose of tutoring in reading and creating transformative experiences that will change the community. The evaluation will consist of documentation, a daily journal and a reflective essay of your experience. More information will be forthcoming. (L.O. #5,6,7,9) * The other will require you to read and analyze on an assigned novel given in class, and report on 5 articles from The Miami Herald. You may access these articles online (, or simply go to the library and make copies of the articles. Your summary must be a minimum of 100 words, typed and double-spaced. More information will be given in class. (L.O. #1,7,8,&10) Academic Misconduct Policy Please reference the statement “Academic Misconduct,” which is included with your syllabus. For more information about MDC policies and procedures, please refer to your MDC Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Attendance Regular attendance is significant to your success in REA 0001. Students are expected to attend class with readings and assignments completed beforehand. You are expected to arrive on time and maintain your presence throughout the duration of each class session. Students who are absent or arrive after attendance more than 4 times during the semester will receive a deduction of 5 points for each additional absence/tardy from your final score. Leaving early will count as an absence. If you miss class, you are responsible for all material covered in class and be prepared to participate in the next class session. Please contact one of your classmates so you may find out about missed work. Late assignments will result in a deduction of 5 points for that

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