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Missouri S&T BIO SCI 231 - BioSc 231 Syllabus - General Genetics

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General Genetics (BioSc231) SyllabusInstructorDr. Dave WestenbergDepartment of Biological SciencesOffice: 105A Schrenk Hall 341-4798,Lab: G-6 Schrenk Hall [email protected] Hours - MWF 9:30 - 10:20, or by appointment or just stop by my office or lab andif I'm available I'll be happy to answer questionsCourse Description: This course will cover the principles of heredity and reasons forvariation in all living organisms. After completing this course you should be familiar withseveral phenomena, principles, rules and laws of genetics including: Mendel’s Law of segregationand independent assortment; meiosis and mitosis; origins of specific phenotypic and genotypicratios; mechanisms of sex determination; sex linkage; gene mapping; complementation; DNAstructure and function; cytoplasmic inheritance; chromosomal aberrations; mutations.Textbook: Genetics: Analysis of Genes and Genomes by Hartl and JonesYou will be expected to have read the assigned chapter and related questions before thecorresponding class period. The end of chapter "Review the Basics" questions and assignedquestions will serve as the basis for classroom discussion. Make sure that you are familiar withall key terms at the end of each assigned chapter.Reserve material: Old exams and links to websites relevant to General Genetics can beaccessed through the course HomePage: and Exams: Your grade will be based on your scores on five exams (four midtermexams and one final) (60 points each), homework (60 points) and participation (40 points) for atotal of 400 points. Participation includes asking and answering questions and dailyassignments. Your participation grade will depend on attendance - if you have more than fourunexcused absences you will forfeit the 40 points. There will be no make-up exams during theterm, however, during the second half of the scheduled final you may have the opportunity totake a comprehensive make-up exam.The exam dates are scheduled as follows:Exam 1 Monday, September 10Exam 2 Wednesday, October 3Exam 3 Wednesday, October 24Exam 4 Wednesday, November 14Exam 5 Tuesday, December 11, 4:00All exams will take place in the regular lecture room (Eng Mgt 106) unless notified otherwise.Depending on interest, I will be offering review sessions before each exam and the time anddate will be arranged during class. This is intended to be an opportunity for you to askquestions and request clarification of specific topics – so come prepared.If you have any comments or concerns regarding this course or the instructor (good or bad)please feel free to discuss them with me. If you are not satisfied with my response or preferto speak with someone else, you may contact the Chair of the Biology Department, Dr. PaulaLutz ([email protected], 341-4819) or the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. RussellBuhite ([email protected], 341-4131)The general topics to be covered and the relevant chapters are listed below.Topic ChapterIntroduction to Genetics - an overviewDNA StructureMendelian GeneticsEXAM 1Mitosis and MeiosisChromosome MappingDNA ReplicationEXAM 2MutationsChromosome OrganizationKaryotypingEXAM 3Bacterial GeneticsGene ExpressionGene RegulationGenetic EngineeringEXAM 4DevelopmentThe Cell CyclePopulation Genetics and EvolutionEXAM

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