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The Native Creative Development Program

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The Native Creative Development ProgramA Program of The Longhouse Education and Cultural Center andApplication for FundsApplicant2700 Evergreen Parkway NWPH: (360) 867-5344 FAX: (360) 867-6699The Native Creative Development Program A Program of The Longhouse Education and Cultural Center and Artist Trust Application for Funds Applicant Name: Phone: ( ) Tribal Center Enrollment # or Tribal Center Phone Number Tribal Affiliation: Mailing Address: Email: City: State: Zip: Applicant Fund Request Information (reasonable budgets make for stronger applications ) Date of Request: / / Amount of Funds Requested: Total project budget Artist Qualifications Describe your artistic background: Please list residencies, apprenticeships, awards, commissions, fellowships, etc. (You may also attach your artist résumé) C:\Documents and Settings\webteam3\My Documents\longhouse\docs\ncdpapplicationyr2.doc Page 1C:\Documents and Settings\webteam3\My Documents\longhouse\docs\ncdpapplicationyr2.doc Page 2 Project Description: Please indicate how you intend to use the creative development funds, addressing the following questions in your answers: What is your intended outcome? How would it advance your personal or professional development? How would it contribute to the field of native art? (attach additional sheets as needed) Project Description: Please submit up to six images for your work sample (Submit either JPG images on a CD or Slides. No actual works, no photos, no special viewing software with your application) Number of images: Format : How will you share what you have learned or gained with other artists or with your native community? (examples include exhibitions at TESC, public lectures, performances, workshops etc.) Please describe: Are you seeking additional funding support for this project? Please circle one: YES NO If yes please describe: Are you interested in getting more information about the Artist Trust EDGE professional development program? YES NO Please attach budget ( No application will be considered without this-see sample budget) Return completed form to: Longhouse Education & Cultural Center The Evergreen State College 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW Olympia, WA 98505C:\Documents and Settings\webteam3\My Documents\longhouse\docs\ncdpapplicationyr2.doc Page 3 PH: (360) 867-5344 FAX: (360)

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