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Cal Poly Pomona PHY 131L - Syllabus

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GRADINGGradeSYSTEMCALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITYPOMONA COURSE SYLLABUSPrinciples of Physics LabPHY 131L-27: 1 Unit Co-requisite: PHY 131CRN: 72635Building-Room: 3-2618Office/Phone: 8-215 / (909) 869-2893Lab Time: M: 3 - 5:30 pm [email protected]@aol.comM: 11:30–noon; 2:30-3; 7:15–8:30 pmW: 7:15 -8:30 pmCOURSEDESCRIPTIONPhysics 131L is the laboratory that accompanies Physics 131, the first course of a three-quarter, calculus-basedintroductory sequence in physics. The primary content of Physics 131L is mechanics, vectors, statics, uniform motion, accelerated motion, work and energy, momentum, and rotational motion.TEXT(S)  The Physics 131 Laboratory Manual is available at the Bronco Bookstore.COURSEOBJECTIVESUpon completion of this course, the laboratory should have provided students with the following:- An introduction to physics’ role as a basic science with hands-on experience regarding natural phenomena- To develop your skills in presenting the results from experimental work in the form of laboratory reports - Practical experience with measurements in experimental work including► Graphing ► Uncertainty Analysis► Calculations ► Error Analysis► Correct use of unitsLABORATORYPROCEDURESEach week a new laboratory exercise will be performed with one partner. Although it is sometimes difficult tofully understand the lab procedures until data collection begins, it is important to review experimental procedures and pertinent theory (& formulas) associated with the lab exercises. If this is not completed before the lab period you may waste the lab period attempting to determine what needs to be completed DURING the lab period. Pre-Labs are designed to aid this review process.Pre-Labs are designed to guide and to prepare the students for each lab. In some cases the Pre-Labs prepare the student with extra theory which aids in understanding. These Pre-Labs can be difficult since the student may need to consult alternate sources such as the lecture book, professors, or the internet.Quizzes will be administered following lab introduction. The quizzes will include material that will be covered during the current lab period. *Also upon submission of the quiz (or at the end of the lab period), “notes” collected during the introduction will be reviewed and promptly returned.Each Laboratory is weighted 7%. Satisfactory data collection is 2%. Completing lab analysis (as indicated by the lab manual) is the remaining 5%. Each student is expected to complete the lab during the allotted 150 minutes or else before the next lab period. Most labs will be completed satisfactorily after being “checkedoff”. The exceptions not completed and “checked off” during the allotted time will be due to a complex analysis a graph minimizing uncertaintyEVALUATIVECRITERIA Satisfactory Laboratories 56 % Pre- Laboratories 18 % Lab Quizzes 10 % Formal Laboratory (bonus) 6 % Lab Final 16 %Lab reports are evaluated upon the followingo Laboratory skills (including quality)o Data Analysiso Understanding of Physics Principleso Communication skills (oral & written)GRADINGGRADE GradePointsNumericalEquivalentGrade GradePointsNumericalEquivalentSYSTEM A 4.0 90-100 D 1.0 60-69B 3.0 80-89 F 0.0 59 & belowC 2.0 70-79Course Syllabus - Page 1 of 209/2014CALPOLYPHYSICS LABCOURSESTRUCTUREEach Student:- Completes all scheduled experiments, learning lab techniques with a variety of equipment - Documents with a written record of all experimental data and other relevant observations for each experiment ( NEVER write a calculation with the original data documented on paper) o So how does one explain “data sheets” in a lab experiment???- Perform calculations for each experiment and summarize results- Write sample calculations, record results, plots relevant graphs, and complete any other elements directed by the instructor- Maximizes the 2 ½ hours lab period as needed for data acquisition, analysis, and other elements of the experimental report, seeking the instructors guidance as needed Please don’t attempt to turn in a “group” lab. Occasionally, I will allow a “group” graph, but each student must ALWAYS include slope points, and all pertinent calculations in their own lab “write-up”.PHYSICS LABPOLICIESGRADING & DUE DATES“Write-Ups”FORMAL LABMAKE-UP WEEKACADEMIC HONESTYEMERGENCIESDepartment Policy: Students who miss 2 labs will result in a grade of an F.Your lab ends 150 minutes (2 ½ hours) after start. All lab equipment must be replaced in original order NO LATER than this time. The overall class GPA will be maintained through a curve (usually adding a flat percentage to everyone’s grade) near the 3.0 GPA level. Plusses & minuses will only be assigned in borderline grades (i.e. 79 < C+ < 79.5 or 79.5 < B- < 80). Most students will complete the experiment the same day as data collection, but submission may be delayed to the following lab period. NO LAB will be accepted more than two lab periods after data collection.If you do not complete the lab satisfactorily during lab time, you may have to complete a written lab Report (“write-up”) which should include the following (as with all labs, due the following lab period/class):- A statement about the purpose of the experiment in the Intro/Theory section - List of significant data & results in table format in the Data Table and Results Table sections - Quantitative conclusions (i.e. percent difference) based upon significant results - Explanation of the discrepancies with expected results The formal lab is slightly different. You may follow one of two guidelines, either the format of a Senior Project, or a publishable journal article. In both cases, you can assume that you “wrote” the lab manual experiment as a proposal for “your” research project. This FORMAL LAB doesn’t raise your grade until after the 40% value, i.e. 50% adds 1%, 60% adds 2%, and 100% adds 6% to your final grade.The make-up lab is a self-contained ninth lab and is completed only if you missed a lab during the regular term. Department policy will only allow ONE lab to be completed during make-up week. Do not move the equipment once you are in lab. The Lab Final is during this week & requires about 40 minutes.You are expected for follow the University Policy regarding

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