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McNamaraDennis L. McNamara January 16, 2019Department of Sociology/Anthropology ICC 593Georgetown University Washington DC 20057-1037 USAT 202-687-3603 F 202-687-7326Mobile 202-379-5539 [email protected] Sociology, 1983, Harvard University.S.T.M. Theology, 1977, Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley.M.Div. Divinity, 1976, Jesuit School of Theology, BerkeleyM.A. Sociology, 1974, Fordham UniversityB.A. Philosophy, 1969, St. Louis UniversityRecent Professional PositionsSpecial Assistant to the University President from August of 2007, with responsibility for government-related academic initiatives in China. Chair of the President’s China Advisory Committee, and Coordinator of the China Forum at Georgetown University.Chair of the Department of Sociology & Anthropology (Interim). From August of 2007 through March of 2008..School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University (9/11/06-2/29/07), and Graduate School of InternationalStudies, Sogang University (3/1/07-7/31/07), Fulbright-Hays Faculty Research Abroad (FRA) Program. Research Fellowship (P019A060025).Georgetown Conference on Korean Society, founder and chair. Convened December 2006, December 2005,May 2001, December 1999, May 1997, May 1995, and May 1994.Masters of International Relations Program (MIR), Thammasat University (Bangkok Thailand), Adjunct Professor, July 16-August 20, 2006.Institute of East Asian Studies, Thammasat University (Bangkok, Thailand), Research Scholar, (6/23/06-8/25/06; 7/26/01-8/24/01; 4/1999-5/1999).Provost Advisor for International Initiatives – Asia. China Foreign Affairs University (5/05-7/05), Renmin University Visiting Professor (1/06-3/06), and Fudan University Visiting Professor (4/06-6/06).Fulbright Senior Specialists Roster, Approved Candidate (May 2004 – May 2009). Approved by the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Department of State, and the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES), May 14, 2004.Institute of International Relations, Sophia University (9/4/02-2/1/03), and Graduate School of International Studies, Sogang University (2/3/03-8/3/03). Fulbright-Hays Faculty Research Abroad (FRA) Program. Research Fellowship (P019A020003).Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (Beijing), Research Scholar, Institute of Industrial Economics, (5/27/02-8/16/02; 5/30/01-7/25/01; 6/18/2000-7/22/2000).Council on Foreign Relations, New York, New York. Elected to membership from the fall of 1999.Books 1McNamaraBusiness Innovation in Asia - Knowledge and Technology Networks from Japan. London: Routledge Press, 2009.Market and Society in Korea – Interest, Institution and the Textile Industry. London: Routledge Press, 2002.Corporatism and Korean Capitalism. London: Routledge Press, 1999. [edited volume, articles listed below]Trade and Transformation in Korea, 1876-1945. Boulder CO: Westview Press, 1996.Textiles and Industrial Transition in Japan. Ithaca NY: Cornell University Press, 1995.Colonial Origins of Korean Enterprise, 1910-1945. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990.Recent Articles“Knowledge Networks in East Asia – From Commerce to Community,” in Lim Hyun-chin et al., eds., New Asias. Seattle, Washington: University of Washington Press, and Seoul National University Press, forthcoming.“Corporatist State.” Pp. 352-353 in Peter N. Stearns, ed., Encyclopedia of the Modern World, vol. 1 (NewYork: Oxford University Press, 2008). “Corporatist State: East Asia.” Pp. 353-354 in Peter N. Stearns, ed., Encyclopedia of the Modern World vol. 1 (New York: Oxford University Press, 2008). “Clusters.” Pp. 171-173 in Stewart Clegg and James Bailey.eds., International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies, volume 1 (Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2008). “New Places but Old Spaces –Knowledge Hierarchies among Asian SMEs Abroad.” Organization – The Critical Journal of Organization, Theory and Society 13, 4 (2006): 549-567.“Knowledge and Thai Networks in the New East Asian Region.” Thammasat Review (Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand) Vol. 9 (December 2004): 1-21. Published Fall, 2005.“Industry and National Identity – Globalizing the Korean Auto Industry.” Pp. 318-328 in David Steinberg, ed., Korean Attitudes toward the United States (New York: M. E. Sharpe, 2005).“Security and Society within the Northeast Asian Region.” Pp. 163-175 in Byung Chul Koh, ed., The Korean Peninsula in Transition: The Summit and Its Aftermath. Seoul: The Institute for Far Eastern Studies [IFES], Kyungnam University, 2003.LanguagesKorean (lecture/research), Japanese (lecture/research), Mandarin Chinese (conversation/research), French (research)Courses TaughtGlobal Governance and Economic Interdependence (Master’s Program in International Relations, Thammasat University, July-August 2006)A Theory of Korean Capitalism. (graduate seminar, Sogang University)Theories of Development. (graduate seminar, Sogang University)2McNamaraKorea, Economy and Society. (Foreign Service Institute Seminar, Department of State, Washington DC)Consumer Culture in Asian SocietyPolitical Economy of Advanced Capitalist Societies.Senior Seminar, Sociology Department.Comparative Analysis: Capitalism & Socialism in China and Korea.Modernization and Development: South Korea and Brazil.Social Organization. Japan and the U.S.: Family, School and Factory.Introduction to Sociology.Recent Papers and Professional Activities“The Global Financial Crisis: Cooperation to Build Confidence.” Organizing and will chair Georgetown University Delegation for semi-annual conference of Georgetown University with China’s Communist Central Party School, October 13, 2009, Beijing PRC. Designing and and will lead led delegation on Study Tour in Beijing and Shanghai, October 11-17, 2009.“Crisis and Local Context – Anchoring Global Capital in Asia’s Auto Industry.” Paper for presentation at The World Congress for Korean Politics and Society, sponsored by the Korea Political Science Association, August 20-22, 2009 at Korea University in Seoul, Korea.“Local System and Global Strategy – Japan’s Regional Integration.” Seminar Presentation for GIARI (Global Institute for Asian Regional Integration) Summer Institute, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University, August 2-6, 2009.“From Platforms to Production Partners – Japanese Chains in Korean and Thai Contexts.”

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