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Fall 2011 Mr. Strong; Ms Chowdhury, Mr. Haines, Mr. Lucas POLITICAL SCIENCE 13: POWER AND JUSTICE The course deals with 1/ the relationship between our understandings of who and what we are as human beings and citizens and our understandings of the political and social worlds in which we live (we may call that the topic of justice) and 2/ how those understandings are shaped by forces both in and not in our control (call that the topic of power). Required books may be purchased at the book store. In addition a reader should be purchased from University Readers. Go to their website ( and follow instructions. As the lectures do not recapitulate the readings it is important to have done the reading before class and before section. Please bring the book or material being discussed to section. These books are on reserve but you should own them. My office hours are Mondays 1:30-3 in SSB 374, drop in, and by appt at 534 7081. Email is [email protected] Your TA will give her/his office hours, location and contact information in section. Powerpoints will be posted on my webpage. Go to ucsd/departments/political science/faculty/ Tracy Strong/webpage/ps 13. Requirements for the course include attendance, participation in section (10%), a mid term and a paper (25% each) and a final in-class exam (40%). Sept. 26: Introduction: Political Theory, Politics, and Political Science. SECTION ONE: Power and the politics of identity in difficult situations Sept. 28 : FILM: "Obedience" by Stanley Milgram Oct 3: The limits of selfhood and identity: READING: Bettelheim: "Individual and Mass Behavior in Extreme Situations" (reader) Oct. 5, 10: The self and political commitment READING: Koestler, Darkness at Noon (BOOKSTORE) Oct 10, 12: What does it mean to be a citizen? READING: Plato, Apology, Crito (BOOKSTORE) Oct. 17: What obligations does a citizen or anyone else have? READING: Pitkin, “Obligation and Consent” (reader) NO SECTIONS THIS WEEK MID TERM IN CLASS OCT 19 THROUGH HERESECTION TWO: Justice and the politics of identity in a changing world Oct. 24, 26: Persons, Humans and Citizens READING: "Griswold v. Connecticut"; "Roe v. Wade"; "Webster v. Reproductive Health Services"; "Planned Parenthood v. Casey": in Shapiro, ed. The Abortion Decisions (BOOKSTORE). Oct 31: Politics, Contracts and Technology READING: Locke (reader); “In the Matter of Baby M” (2 Court decisions in reader)  SECTIONS THIS WEEK ON THIS READING Nov. 2: DISCUSSION CLASS Nov 7,9: READING: Mill, On Liberty (BOOKSTORE) PAPER DUE ON Nov 14 SECTION THREE: The Limits of Citizenship and Citizenship at the Limit START READING ELLISON Nov. 14: If not a citizen then what? READING: Thoreau, “Civil Disobedience” (reader); (Optional) Kateb, “Walt Whitman and the Culture of Democracy” (reader) Nov. 16, 21: Being in and being out: who speaks for whom? READING: Ellison, Invisible Man (BOOKSTORE) NOVEMBER 23: NO CLASS - THANKSGIVING Nov. 28, 30: Concluding Thoughts:  SECTIONS THIS WEEK ON ELLISON and REVIEW READING: Marx. Wage Labor and Capital; Hawthorne, The Celestial Railroad FINAL IN CLASSROOM AT SET

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