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2010-2011 Promotion to Associate and Tenure Antwi Akom, Department of Africana Studies Martin Carcieri, Department of Political Science Yitwah Cheung, Department of Mathematics Diana Chu, Department of Biology Sophie Clavier, Department of International Relations Andreana Clay, Department of Sociology Jeffrey Duncan-Andrade, Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies/Raza Studies David Gard, Department of Psychology Sara Hackenberg, Department of English Language and Literature Michael Hammer, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures Bo Hu, Department of Hospitality Management Dina Ibrahim, Department of Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts Santhi Kavuri-Bauer, Department of Art Amy Kilgard, Department of Communication Studies Tomoko Komada, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Bérénice Le Marchand, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures Dawn Mabalon, Department of History Özgur Özluk, Department of Decision Sciences Dina Redman, School of Social Work Belinda Reyes, Department of Raza Studies David Smith, Department of Classics Alice Sowaal, Department of Philosophy Jonathon Stillman, Department of Biology Kimberly Tanner, Department of Biology Patricia Van Velsor, Department of Counseling 2010-2011 Promotion to Associate Professor Julie Chronister, Department of Counseling Michele Eliason, Department of Health Education Qian Guo, Department of Geography Kathleen McAfee, Department of International Relations Charles Postel, Department of History Christina Sabee, Department of Communication Studies Lisa Takeyama, Department of Economics2010-2011 Promotion to Professor Joan Arhelger, Department of Theatre Arts Peter Biella, Department of Anthropology Nan Alamilla Boyd, Department of Women and Gender Studies Carlos Davidson, Department of Environmental Studies Charles Egan, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures Serkan Hosten, Department of Mathematics Mi-Sook Kim, Department of Kinesiology Ming-Yeh Lee, Department of Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies Barbara Loomis, Department of History Edward Luby, Museum Studies Bruce Manning, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Ayse Pamuk, Department of Urban Studies and Planning Jeffrey Rosen, J. Paul Leonard Library Jo Tomalin, Department of Theatre Arts 2010-2011 Tenure Nelson Graff, Department of English Language and

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