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AJS 270 COMMUNITY POLICING Revised: 1/03 Page 1 Rev. 07/23/02 ARIZONA WESTERN COLLEGE SYLLABUS AJS 270 COMMUNITY POLICING Credit Hours: 3 Lec 3 PREREQUISITE: AJS 101 COURSE DESCRIPTION The philosophy of community policing is being advanced as the new policing system for the twenty-first century. This course is designed to provide the theories and practicalities of the new policing, as well as to identify the basic concepts, strategies, experiments and research on community interaction. 1. COURSE GOAL Understand the full history of policing interaction between police and the community, minorities, and the administration of community projects and law enforcement. 2. OUTCOMES Upon satisfactory completion of this course, students will be able to: 2.1 define and explain community policing as a tactical concept. 2.2 relate police discretion as it applies to the perceptions of the community. 2.3 identify mechanisms to control police misconduct. 2.4 identify the relationship between crime prevention and community policing. 2.5 explain the affects of “police empowerment as applied to community policing . 2.6 use problem-solving techniques to enhance community policing. 3. METHODS OF INSTRUCTION 3.1 Lecture & discussion 3.2 Audio-Visual (slides, cassettes tapes, VHS, power point) 3.3 Assigned textbook reading 4. LEARNING ACTIVITIES 4.1 Reading assignments 4.2 Classroom discussion 4.3 Lecture note-taking 4.4 Tests 4.5 Oral presentation 4.6 Student projects (discretion of the professor) 5. EVALUATIONS 5.1 Grade will be earned by an assortment of learning activities, exams, assignments, and participation. 5.2 Please see the class schedule and assignment sheet for more information. 6. STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES 6.1 Under AWC Policy, students are expected to attend every session of class in which they are enrolled. 6.2 If a student is unable to attend the course or must drop the course for any reason, it will be the responsibility of the student to withdraw from the course. Students who are not attending as of the 45th day of the course may be withdrawn by the instructor. If the student does not withdraw from the course and fails to complete the requirements of the course, the student will receive a failing grade.AJS 270 COMMUNITY POLICING Revised: 1/03 Page 2 Rev. 07/23/02 6.3 Americans with Disabilities Act Accommodations: Arizona Western College provides academic accommodations to students with disabilities through AccessABILITY Resource Services (ARS). ARS provides reasonable and appropriate accommodations to students who have documented disabilities. It is the responsibility of the student to make the ARS Coordinator aware of the need for accommodations in the classroom prior to the beginning of the semester. Students should follow up with their instructors once the semester begins. To make an appointment call the ARS front desk at (928) 344-7674 or ARS Coordinator at (928) 344-7629, in the College Community Center (3C) building, next to Advising. 6.4 Academic Integrity: Any student participating in acts of academic dishonesty—including, but not limited to, copying the work of other students, using unauthorized “crib notes”, plagiarism, stealing tests, or forging an instructor’s signature—will be subject to the procedures and consequences outlined in AWC’s Student Code of Conduct. 6.5 Texts and Notebooks: Students are required to obtain the class materials for the

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