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COURSE OUTLINE HIST 208 History of Africa 3 Semester Hours HOWARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE Description The student will be able to describe the major features of the development of Africa’s history from prehistoric times up to the formation of modern African nation states. The course will include a detailed study of Africa’s geography and its impact on Africa’s cultures. The student will be able to analyze the major trends of Africa’s history; early cultures and civilizations, spread of Christianity and Islam, early European contacts, impact of neo-imperialism, decolonization following World War II, and the current status of African nation states. Prerequisite: ENGL-121. (3 hours weekly) A liberal education prepares students to lead ethical, productive, and creative lives and to understand how the pursuit of lifelong learning and critical thinking fosters good citizenship. General education courses form the core of a liberal education within the higher education curriculum and provide a coherent intellectual experience for all students by introducing the fundamental concepts and methods of inquiry in the areas of mathematics, the physical and natural sciences, the social sciences, the arts and the humanities, and composition. Overall Course Objectives Upon completion of this course the student will be able to: 1. Identify the major geographical features and regions of Africa 2. Identify the major climatological features of Africa 3. Describe the theories on human origins in Africa 4. Summarize the characteristics of the major civilizations of Africa, such as: Egypt, Nubia, Kush, Benin, Mali, Songhay, Ghana, Ethiopia, etc. 5. Describe the advent and spread of Islam 6. Analyze the reasons for Islam’s spread in Africa 7. Describe the various African contacts with Arabic and European explorers 8. Analyze the causes of the development of the slave trade 9. Analyze the causes of the new imperialism (“the scramble for Africa”) 10. Describe the various forms of imperial influence and rule of Africa during the late nineteenth and early to mid-twentieth century 11. Describe the processes of decolonization and creation of nation states 12. Describe and analyze the political, cultural, and economic features of some of the modern African nation states 13. Evaluate the influence of western culture on Africa 14. Evaluate the influence of Africa on world culture 15. Deliver a formal presentation in class on an assigned topic relevant to the subject Major Topics I. Geography of Africa II. Topography, climate, vegetation zonesIII. Ethnography of Africa IV. Prehistory and early civilizations V. Spread of Christianity VI. Spread of Islam VII. Early contacts between Europe, Arabia, and Africa (“Age of Exploration”) VIII. The slave trade IX. The development and spread of neo-colonialism X. Africa in the late 19th and early 20th century XI. Decolonization in second half of the 20th century XII. Creation of the modern nation states of Africa Course Requirements Grading procedures will be determined by the individual faculty member, but may include exams, quizzes, written assignments, research papers, and class participation. Specific writing assignments (including research papers) will require at least 2,500 words of formal academic writing. In-class participation will explore historical theories, ideas, and current perspectives. Research assignments will focus heavily on historical analysis of primary and secondary sources. Other Course Information This course is a Social and Behavioral Science Core course and a History Core

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