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THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTINThe Department of Aerospace Engineering& Engineering MechanicsEM 311M - DYNAMICSFall 07SYLLABUSUNIQUE NUMBERS: 14035,14040,14045,14050DESIGNATION: Required CourseINSTRUCTOR: Dr. Leszek Demkowicz <[email protected]>ACES 6.326, (512) 471-4199TIME: MWF 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.PLACE: UTC 3.134TEACHING ASSISTANTS: Kyungjoo Kim <[email protected]>, ACES CS2NEo3B, 232-7420Office hours: Wed, 10-noon, Thu, 11-noonMing-Chen Hsu < [email protected] >, WRW 311, 471-6137Office hours: Tue, 11:00-noon, Fri, 3:00-4:00pmEXERCISE SESSIONS:14035 W 4:00-6:00 pm RLM 5.126 (Ming-Chen Hsu)14040 T 6:00-8:00 pm RLM 6.114 (Ming-Chen Hsu)14045 W 6:00 8:00 pm RLM 5.124 (Kyungjoo Kim)14050 Th 6:00 8:00 pm RLM 5.124 (Kyungjoo Kim)WEB PAGE:∼ leszek/classes.html1EM 311M Course Syllabus Fall SemesterUnique No. 14035,14040,14045,14050 07PREREQUISITIES: EM306 (or EM306S), M408D (or M308L), with a grade of at least CKNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES, STUDENTS SHOULD HAVE BEFOREENTERING THIS COURSE: Prerequisites include basic trigonometry, physics, calculus, vec-tor analysis, and the use of free-body diagrams.KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES, STUDENTS GAIN FROM THIS COURSE:Students should acquire familiarity with the kinematics of particles and rigid bodies, and gain theability to solve two- and three-dimensional problems in particle and rigid-body dynamics. In par-ticular, the should be familiar with the basic equations of motion, necessary for their subsequentstudy of flight mechanics and attitude dynamics.IMPACT ON SUBSEQUENT COURSES IN CURRICULUM: The knowledge and abil-ities taught in this course are an essential prerequisite for subsequent courses involving dynamics;in particular, ASE365, 366K, 367K, 167M, and 370L.ABET CRITERIA 2000 OUTCOMES ACHIEVED: This course c ontributes to the followingEC2000 Criterion 3 outcomes and those specific to the EAC accredited aerospace engineeringprogram.Outcome Outcomea. An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, g. An ability to communicate effectivelyand engineering xb. An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to h. The broad education necessary to understand the impact ofanalyze and interpret data engineering solutions in a global/societal contextc. An ability to design a system, component, or process to i. A recognition of the need for and an ability in life-meet desired needs x long learningd. An ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams j. A knowledge of contemporary issuese. An ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering k. An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modernproblems x engineering tools necessary for engineering practice xf. An understanding of professional and ethical responsibilityABET PROGRAM CRITERIA OUTCOMES ACHIEVED:Criterion Criterion CriterionA. Aerodynamics G. Orbital Mechanics x M. Preliminary/ Conceptual Design xB. Aerospace Materials H. Space Environment N. Other Design ContentC. Structures I. Attitude Dynamics and Control x O. ProfessionalismD. Propulsion J. Telecommunications P. Computer UsageE. Flight Mechanics x K. Space StructuresF. Stability and Control L. Rocket Propulsion x2EM 311M Course Syllabus Fall SemesterUnique No. 14035,14040,14045,14050 07TOPICS: (referenced to Criteria 2000 and program criteria outcomes)1. Motion of a Point (6) (a,e,k,E,G)2. Force, Mass and Acceleration (3) (a,c,e,k,E,G,M)3. Energy Methods (6) (a,e,k,E,G)4. Momentum Methods (4) (a,e,k,E,G,L)5. Rigid-Body Kinematics (6) (a,e,k,E,I)6. Two-Dimensional Rigid Body Dynamics (3) (a,c,e,k,E,I)7. Energy and Momentum Methods in Rigid Body Dynamics (3) (a,e,k,E,I)8. Three Dimensional Rigid Body Dynamics (6) (a,c,e,k,E,I)9. Vibrations (3) (a,E,I)DESIGN ASSIGNMENTS: There are no explicit design projects. However, there will be in-class discussions of how the material presented in class influences engineering hardware design.In some assignments, students will be asked how their answers would influence the design of aparticular design or system. Overall, it is es timated that about 0.2 semester credit hours aredevoted to the general area of ”design”.LABORATORY ASSIGNMENTS: There are no laboratory assignments.COMPUTER: No specific software has been assigned for the homework assignments in this class.At this stage, an understanding of the fundamental aspects of particle and rigid body dynamics,can probably best be obtained through relatively simple problems which have analytic soulutions.Solution of a few problems assigned for homework may be facilitated using a computer, and studentsare free to use whatever software they wish.TEXT: A. Bedford and W. Fowler, Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics, fifth edition, Prentice Hall,Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458, 2008.CLASS FORMAT: This is a lecture class and meets 3 times a week. The lectures are comple-mented with mandatory exercise (help) sessions once a week (two hours).3EM 311M Course Syllabus Fall SemesterUnique No. 14035,14040,14045,14050 07CLASS OUTLINE SCHEDULE:Date Topic Reading Problems solved Anticipatedin class homework problemsWed, Aug 29 Kinematics of a point: position, 12,1-5 13.5,14,27,48 13.6,15,28,49Fri, Aug 31 velocity, acceleration 13.1-2Wed, Sep 5 Cylindrical coordinates 13.1-33 13.60,80,89,141 13.61,81,90,142Fri, Sep 7 Frenet coordinatesMon, Sep 10 C ylindrical coordinates 13.1-3 13.150,157,117,133 13.151,158,116,131Wed, Sep 12 Curvilinear motion -cont. 13.134,129 13.135,130Fri, Sep 14Mon, Sep 17 Kinetics of a point: equations of 14.1-6 14.15,21,38,55 14.16,22,36,56Wed, Sep 19 motion in Cartesian, cylindrical, 14.75,83,105,107 14.76,93,106,108,115Fri, Sep 21 and Frenet cordinatesMon, Sep 24 Principle of work and energy, 15.1-6 15.12,19,24,70 15.13,14,20,26,63Wed, Sep 26 conservative forces 15.87,93,114 15.88,92,115Fri, Sep 28Mon, Oct 1 Principle of impulse and momen- 16.1-5 16.10,29,43,60 16.11,30,45,61Wed, Oct 3 tum, impact, principle of angular 16.79,91,95 16.80,92,93Fri, Oct 5 impulse and momentumMon, Oct 8 Kinematics of rigid bodies: 17.1-6 17.6,15,32,58 17.7,34,37,59Wed, Oct 10 angular velocity and acceleration 17.70,71 17.72,75Fri, Oct 12 vectorsMon, Oct 15 Moving reference frames 17.1-6 17.85,91,103,121 17.86,92,104,122Wed, Oct 17 17.126,145,149 17.128,132,133,146,Fri, Oct 19 17.150Mon, Oct 22 Dynamics of rigid bodies: 18.1-5 18.5,12,18 18.6,13,19Wed, Oct 24 equations of motionFri, Oct 26Mon, Oct 329 d’Alembert Principle 18.1-5 18.34,45,51 18.35,46,58Wed, Oct 31Fri, Nov 24EM 311M

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