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DCB FORS 262 - Learning Sessions

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Minot State University-Bottineau is accredited by the North Central AssociationFORS 262 DENDROLOGY3 Semester CreditsCourse Description: Through hands-on learning sessions, students will learn to identify over 300 of the most common trees and shrubs in North America. Methodsused for identification range from looking at the characteristics of a tree to inspecting the cells in the wood using the leaves, bark, twigs, buds, and fruits. Students will also learn under what growing conditions specific plants will flourishor suffer. Also covered are the uses (both current and historical) of specific plants, their roles in the development of a nation, and other related facts of interest. Schedule: This course is offered Fall Semester M, W, F at 1 – 1:50 Lecture Lab on Wed 3 – 4:50Prerequisite Courses: NoneInstructor Information:Name: Robert UnderwoodTitle: Associate ProfessorPhone: 701-228-5434Office: 21 Molberg E-mail: [email protected]: BS Forestry - Southern Illinois University 1969, MS Recreation, Park Administration - Western Illinois University 1988Course Objectives: It is expected that students will be able to: Identify selected North American angiosperms and gymnosperms.  Demonstrate an understanding of the nomenclature and classification of selected North American angiosperms and gymnosperms.  Describe the uses and characteristics of selected North American angiosperms and gymnosperms. Work Expectations: All assignments are graded. Labs involve identification of samples or selected plants on campus, from the surrounding community or from the extensive collections of mounted samples. Exams - Policies & Procedures: All exams are open book and notes. I feel it is important to know where and how to find the answers, as opposed to memorizing them for a few weeks.  Exams consist of multiple choice questions. There is no a final comprehensive exam.Textbook/Course Materials:Suggested Text:Title: Manual of Woody Landscape Plants, 1990, 1007 ppAuthor: Dirr, Michael A.Edition: 5th (4th) EditionPublisher: Stipes Publishing Co., Champaign, ILISBN: 0-87563-344-7Approximate cost: $50Grading: Combination of online testing and lab quizzes. 90 -80-70-60% grading scale. Bonus points will be awarded for attendance. ½ point per day or a total of about 40 points.No Cell Phones in Class. Points will be removed from the bonus points for each incident. – 5 points per

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