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DCB BADM 214 - Promotional element of the marketing mix

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Dakota College at Bottineau Course Syllabus Course Prefix/Number/Title: BADM 214- Entertainment Marketing Course Description: The course focuses on the promotional element of the marketing mix. Students will learn how to develop promotional materials that effectively promote various entertainment events. Previous coursework in advertising and marketing is strongly encouraged. Course Objectives: After taking this course students should be able to: • Identify important promotional concepts and be able to apply them. • Identify the primary elements of the promotional mix. • Produce promotional materials consisting of all the primary elements of the promotional mix. • Understand and implement integrated marketing communications. • Clarify entertainment organizations’ needs and goals. Instructor: Keri J. Keith Office: Thatcher Hall 205 Office Hours: 1:00 – 2:00 pm: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11-12 pm: Tuesday and Thursday Phone: 701-228-5624 Email: [email protected] Lecture/Lab Schedule: M/W/F: 12-12:50 pm Arntzen 1Textbook(s): None required – but can use BADM 201 textbook. Notes will be provided. Course Requirements: Course requirements consist of class participation, assignments, quizzes, and exams. Grade Weighting NFL Assign: 25 points Ent. Mktg Eval: 50 points Exam: 100 points Assign. #1: 100 points Team Assessment: 25 points Assign #2: 100 points Assign #3: 200 points Assign #4: 300 points Participation: 100 points Total: 1000 points Grading Scale Tentative Course Outline Date Activity August 25 Introduction, syllabus, student introductions. August 27 Lecture Chapters 1 and 2 August 30 Assignment: Advertising and the NFL Case Study September 1 Lecture: Chapter 3 September 3 Lecture: Chapter 4 September 6 No Class – Labor Day 90% - 100% A 80% - 89% B 70% - 79% C 60% - 69% D Less than 60% FSeptember 8 Lecture: Chapter 4 Part Two September 10 Present an example of Entertainment Marketing that you find in local or national media. 5-10 minute presentation evaluating the marketing effectiveness of the material. September 13 Lecture: Chapter 5 September 15 Lecture: Chapter 6 September 17 Review for Exam September 20 Exam September 22 Assignment One- Review Press Releases – Share Storyboard examples September 24 Continue Assignment One. September 27 Continue Assignment One. September 29 Continue Assignment One. October 1 Continue Assignment One. October 4 Present Assignment One to the Class. October 6 Present Assignment One to the Class. October 8 Assignment Two October 11 No Class – Assessment Day October 13 Continue Assignment Two. No Class – Leadership Conference October 15 Continue Assignment Two. October 18 Continue Assignment Two. October 20 Continue Assignment Two. October 22 Continue Assignment Two. October 25 Continue Assignment Two. October 27 Present Assignment Two to the Class.October 29 Present Assignment Two to the Class. November 1 Assignment Three November 3 Continue Assignment Three. November 5 Continue Assignment Three. Storyboard sketch due November 8 Continue Assignment Three. Storyboard rough draft due. November 10 Continue Assignment Three November 12 Continue Assignment Three. Print ad rough draft due and Banner ad rough draft due. November 15 Continue Assignment Three. November 17 Present Assignment Three to the Class November 19 Present Assignment Three to the Class. November 22 Assignment Four November 24 Continue Assignment Four. November 26 No class, Thanksgiving November 29 Continue Assignment Four. December 1 Continue Assignment Four. December 3 Continue Assignment Four. December 6 Continue Assignment Four. December 8 Continue Assignment Four. December 10 Present Final Assignment Four to the Class. December 13 Present Final Assignment Four to the Class.Relationship to Campus Theme: A focus on the growing “green” movement in business communication as well as consumption and addressing the new technologies that are affecting the business industry. Students will also understand how to utilize these new ideologies and tools to their benefit, as well as the benefit of the world and society as a whole. Classroom Policies: Absences and Assignment Due Dates: If a student must miss class, he/she must contact the instructor within 24 hours of the class period. Late assignments will be docked 10% per day late. This is the policy for all assignments in all circumstances. If you email me an assignment, you will get a reply from me to verify that I have received the assignment. If you do not get a receipt from me, I did not get the assignment. It is your job to ensure that I have received the assignment, so if you do not get a response from me within 24 hours of submitting your assignment by email, you need to resend the email. The assignment continues to lose 10% per day during this time. Attendance and participation is expected. Ten percent of your grade is based solely on attendance and participation. You are responsible for the activities of each class period. If you know of a conflict ahead of time, you are welcome to submit assignments early. Electronic Devices: Silence cellular phones, pagers, CD players, radios, and similar devices in the classroom and laboratory facilities. Reasonable laptop-size computers may be used in lecture for taking notes. If this is an IVN course, cell phone must be turned off at all times in class! This class will be a place where all thoughts are welcome, no one fears sharing their opinion, and minds are open to new ideas. You have all EARNED the opportunity to be here by completing the same criteria, thus making you equals As emerging leaders, you are expected to show respect for each other’s differences. Conflicting opinions are part of life and will create dynamic discussions. The instructor reserves the right to end these discussions and the participants will agree to disagree. It is your responsibility to keep all assignments that are graded and handed back to you. In the case of a grade dispute, it is the student’s responsibility to provide past assignments to confirm grades. The syllabus is a living document that is subject to change. All assignments will be confirmed during the class prior to their due date. The instructor reserves the right to allow the class agenda to fluctuate as the course progresses. Academic Integrity: Plagiarism: To plagiarize

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