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CQI In Action DSU recently completed two Academic Quality Improvement Projects related to developing and implemenng a Connuous Quality Improvement (CQI) pro-gram. Our challenge with these projects was to develop a campus CQI culture by providing campus constuencies with the process, skills, and vocabulary of CQI. The following goals were accomplished: All Quality Circle (QC) and Plan, Implement, Evaluate and Decide (PIED) projects are posted on a public website that includes the names of the team members wor king on each project; Updates about CQI projects and team parcipants are included in appro-priate minutes and campus reports and publicaons; Updates about relevant CQI projects are provided at faculty-staff meengs; Recognion to projects and parcipants is giv e n at an annual CQI Day that includes speakers, post er sessions, and a recepon; Encouraged inclusion of CQI projects in an individual's annual performance review as well as in supervisor annual performance reviews; Conducted training sessions fo r 199 empl oye es and 17 students. A summary of the informaon was prepared for the Higher Learning Commis-sion as part of the University’s reaffirmaon of accreditaon scheduled for 2012. The Quality Highlights document is available at this link. Jan. 2012 Developing a culture of CQI at DSU Advocacy Committee Updates (conƟnued on pg 2) In their report to the President and VP Council, the CQI Advocacy Committee recommended these two items as essential to the success of a CQI Program at DSU 1). The hiring of a Director of Continuous Quality Improvement, with the position initially reporting to the Presi-dent. After looking at CQI from all angles, the Committee feels strongly that the campus CQI efforts need to have a knowledgeable leader to help promote and continue to grow the culture. A direct report to the President would ensure that CQI has a clear mandate across campus. 2). A permanent CQI Advocacy Committee. The role of the CQI Advocacy Committee is to support and encour-age the campus community to engage in quality improvement activities. Save The Date, DSU! 2nd Annual CQI Day February 28th, 2012 CQI Advocacy Commiee Members: - Carrie Ahern - Ethelle Bean - Melinda Fedeler - Kari Forbes‐Boyte - Marilyn Halgerson - Gina Peak - Jack Walters Quick Facts: - 199 faculty and staff and 17 students have parcipated in CQI training - DSU has 25 acve CQI projects. - DSU has 17 completed CQI projects DSU’s Connuous Quality Improvement Update In Fall 2011, Dr. Knowlton appointed a CQI Advocacy Commiee to develop a plan to instuonalize the Connuous Quality Improvement program at DSU. The team met weekly throughout the fall semester. The commiee consulted with Bismarck State College, an AQIP instuon who had completed a CQI training project, and with Avera Health Care’s quality improvement specialists. The commiee conducted an online survey of faculty and staff to obtain their feedback on recognion programs. The respondents were asked to rank how they wanted to be recognized for their CQI efforts. Eighty-one faculty and staff responded to the survey. The results for the top two “Most Important” meth-ods of recognion for their CQI efforts are as follows: Campus outlines preferred recognition methods The CQI Advocacy Commiee also recommended that: (conƟnued from pg 1) CQI Day becomes an annual event. The Spring 2012 CQI Day will be held on Tuesday, Februa ry 28th. A formal CQI recognion program be incorporated. This would include the adop on of a DSU Quality (Q) Award, to be presented annually at CQI Day to those involved in campus CQI projects. Other elements of a formal recognion program would be developed by the CQI Advocacy Commiee. The CQI website be enhanced. The CQI training program be instuonalized. By this we mean that it be included in the dues of the proposed CQI Director and that implementaon be managed by the CQI Advocacy Commiee (of which the proposed Director is Chair). An employee evaluaon program related to CQI be considered for development.

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