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MAJOR ESSAY #1~NARRATIVE - JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? When we share our stories, we not only help others learn about who we are, but in the process, we also come to a deeper understanding of the human condition. We will be discussing works by several authors that use a variety of narrative techniques to share their story, shed insight into life in America, and ultimately teach us something about the human spirit. What story do you have to share? What truths will you uncover about yourself, life in America, and the larger global community? WRITING TASK: Using the explanation of narrative techniques in Models for Writers 315-318, construct an insightful personal narrative with a meaningful purpose. FORMAT: MLA: 1” margins, header, etc. CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING OPTIONS: 1. Using Keller’s essays “The Most Important Day”(9/7, 74-77) as a model, write an essay narrating an importing day in your life. Show the significance of that day by recounting and explaining the events that took place as Keller does in her essay. 2. Using Gate’s “What’s in a Name” (9/7, pp. 325-327) essay as a model, identify something that you have recently read that triggers in you a story from the past. Perhaps a newspaper article about how local high school students helped the community reminds you of a community project you and your classmates were involved in. Or perhaps reading about some act of heroism reminds you of a situation in which you performed (or failed to perform) a similar deed. Make sure you have a purpose for telling the story, that you establish a clear context for it, and that you have enough supporting details to enrich your story. Think, as well, about how to begin and end your story and about the narrative sequence you will use in relating it. 3. Using Gregory’s essay “Shame” (9/10, pp. 245-249) as a model, write an essay narrating an experience that made you especially afraid, angry, surprised, embarrassed or proud. Include sufficient detail so that your readers will know exactly what happened. 4. Kaufman’s essay “Of My Friend Hector and My Achilles Heel” (9/14, pp. 140-143) is a deeply personal one. Use it as a model to write an essay about a time or an action in your life that you are not proud of. What happened? Why did it happen? What would you do differently if you could? Be sure to catch the reader’s attention in the beginning and to end your essay with a thought-provoking conclusion. GOALS:  Discover and focus on a main idea.  Let your thesis evolve as you write.  Use detailed observations of people, places, and events.  Create specific scenes set in time and space.  Note changes, contrasts, or conflicts.  Make connections between past events, people, or places and the present. OVER @MAJOR ESSAY #1~NARRATIVE - JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? YOU WILL ALSO FIND HELPFUL: Readings from New Voices to Use as Models: 1) Lopez, Danny, “Beyond the Barrio” pp. 11-13 (9/7) - Transformation? 2) Two Tales of Vietnam, pp. 14-19 – Compare their similarities and differences. (9/10) a. Ngyuen, Mimi “Another Place I Call Home” pp. 14-15 b. Phan, Ahn. “Peace Village” pp. 16-19 3) A Little Bit of Everything, pp. 20-27 (9/12) a. Jahangard-Mahboob, Shadi, “Baloney Sandwich” pp. 20-22 b. Dabis, Macey. “Hand of Friendship” pp. 23-24 c. Frozen Tears ( a pseudonym), “Her Angel Face” pp. 25-27 4) What Do They Have in Common? pp. 28-33 (9/14) a. Arguenta, Claudis Melissa. “ Renouncing Obesity” pp. 28-30 b. Dunn, John. “Farewell to Shy Boy ) or How I Learned that Things Weren’t all that Complicated” pp. 31-33 Timeline and Due Dates: Peer Review: Must be completed at LRC (BH 4th Fl.) no later than Monday , Sep. 17th . Call 677-2033 to make an appointment (calendar kept 2 weeks out.) and then email me with the date and time of your Peer Review appointment. First Draft: Must be AT LEAST 3 FULL PAGES LONG AND LRC TUTOR MUST SIGN OFF ON IT ( SEE BELOW) Second Draft: Must be 3-4 FULL PAGES. Due by email before the beginning of class, Monday, Sep. 24th . (See CW: Handouts Page, “How to Turn in Second Draft”) Third Draft: Due by email before the beginning of class,, Friday, Oct. 5th (See CW: Handouts Page, “How to Turn in Third Draft”) ____________________________________________________________________________________ LRC Tutor Verification Statement - Date ______________ Time ____________ I, ______________________________ helped _______________________ (print name) (print name) with her/his first draft of Major Essay #1- Personal Narrative and do certify that it was Three Full Pages long (keyboarded). _______________________________

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