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! !!!!Spring 2012 SOC Dean’s Internship!(credit internship for graduate or undergraduate student)!!With USA TODAY Investigative Team ! Name: ______________________________________ Age: _______ Major/Graduation Year: _______________________________________ Hometown: _____ __________________________________________ Contact info (cell): ____________________________________________ Email: ___________________________________________________ Can you commit to 15 - 20 hours per week over the semester? _________ Please answer the following questions 1. Tell us why this specific internship interests you and how it helps prepare you for your career. 2. What special skills can you bring to this internship? 3. What should this employer know about you and your work habits? 4. Why are you the best candidate for the position? 5. Provide the names of two AU professors who best know your work. Please send your application package (application, cover letter, resume, a recent photo and three examples of your work) to Kim Rottschaefer ([email protected]) with subject line: “USA TODAY Investigative Unit.” Deadline: February 1, 2012 (Note: Feb. 6 is last day to add internship for credit)USA TODAY Investigative Team SOC Dean’s Internship Deadline – February 1, 2012 Description: The Investigative intern will work with and learn from USA TODAY's award-winning Investigative team and the Database Editing team. Build skills in computer-assisted reporting and database analysis as the team reports stories or projects and digs into data or government documents that can be used to develop a variety of interactive graphics for the web and mobile products. Master the use of FOIAs and other document-based reporting tools. Report and write stories of national interest at the cutting edge of journalism. Experience/Skills: Some reporting and writing experience at college paper, blogging, other internships; working knowledge of basic web tools, Excel, Access, blogging software, etc; an added plus would be proficiency in basic programming sets, Javascript, C+, Django or Python, other open-source tools. Hours: 15 hours weekly; flexible schedule but generally weekdays, 10AM-6PM Duration: 3 - 6 month range; spring semester; possibly summer fulltime Stipend: $200 per month College credit required Location: USA TODAY is located in Tyson’s Corner. Accessible by a combination of Metro and bus. USA TODAY will help interns find car pools. Parking is free. Documents required: Students should send a resume, cover letter, photo, and 3 samples of their work in a zipped folder to Kim Rottschaefer ([email protected]) by February 1. Applicants will be reviewed by an SOC faculty selection committee and top candidates will be referred to USA TODAY for

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