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Application for “Honors Scholar ” Designation 2014‐2015 Requirements to receive the “Honors Scholar” designation: - Complete four or five honors‐level courses (a minimum of 15 semester units) from sections A or A & B (above) with grades of “A” or “B.” - A maximum of 6 units will be allowed from section B courses. - Achieve an overall transferable grade point average of 3.40 or higher. - A maximum of 2 courses (from list A or B), that you intend to count toward the 15‐unit requirement, may be taken in the final semester prior to transfer. - Only the courses in section A carry the “Honors” notation on your transcript. Each student who satisfactorily completes the Honors Scholar Application and meets the requirements listed above will receive special recognition at graduation via a pinning ceremony and receive the special notation “Honors Scholar” on his/her transcript. Deadlines to apply for Honors Scholar designation: April 15th for students transferring in Fall, 2014 Identify courses completed, fill out bottom half of form and submit to the Honors Transfer Program Director. Area A courses: Course Number Units Course Title Sem/Yr completed *Grade ANTHR 1H 3 Honors Intro to Anthro: Biological _____________ _____ ANTHR 2H 3 Honors Intro to Anthro: Cultural _____________ _____ ART HIST 11H 3 Honors Ancient Art _____________ _____ COMM 1H 3 Honors Public Speaking _____________ _____ ENGL 1AH 3 Honors College Composition _____________ _____ ENGL 1AMCH 3 Honors College Composition MC _____________ _____ ENGL 2H 3 Honors Comp & Critical Think _____________ _____ ENGL 2MCH 3 Honors Comp & Critical Think MC _____________ _____ HIST 14H 3 Honors Women in America _____________ _____ HIST 17AH 3 Honors U.S. History to 1865 _____________ _____ HIST 17BH 3 Honors U.S. History since 1865 _____________ _____ HIST 4AH 3 Honors Western Civ to 1648 _____________ _____ HIST 4BH 3 Honors Western Civ 1648 to Late 20th Century _____________ _____ HIST 21AH 3 Honors Chicano History to 1865 _____________ _____ HIST 21BH 3 Honors Chicano History since 1865 _____________ _____ MATH 12H 5 Honors Elementary Statistics _____________ _____ PHIL 10H 3 Honors Ethics _____________ _____ PS 1H 3 Honors Intro to Government _____________ _____ PSYCH 1H 3 Honors General Psychology _____________ _____ SOC1H 3 Honors Intro to Sociology _____________ _____ SOC 2H 3 Honors Contemporary Social Problems _____________ _____ *If you are currently enrolled in the course, list IP (in progress) in the grade column. More honors courses listed on page two … Courses completed with an Honors Contract I completed the following courses via Honors Contract: Course Number Units Instructor Sem/Yr completed *Grade _______________________ _____ ______________________ ____________________ _____ _______________________ _____ ______________________ ____________________ _____ _______________________ _____ ______________________ ____________________ _____ _______________________ _____ ______________________ ____________________ _____ Area B Courses – a maximum of 6 units from courses in this area may be used for Honors Scholar Designation 15 unit requirement: B) Course Number Units Course Title Sem/Yr completed *Grade ENGL 46A 3 Major British Writers _____________ _____ ENGL 46B 3 Major British Writers ______________ _____ MATH 6 3 Intro to Linear Algebra _____________ _____ MATH 7 3 Intro to Differential Equations _____________ _____ ENGR 15 or 35 4/3 Circuits/Statics _____________ _____ PHYS 4B 5 Physics for Scientists & Engineers _____________ _____ PHYS 4C 5 Physics for Scientists & Engineers _____________ _____ CHEM 1B 5 General Chemistry II _____________ _____ CHEM 12A/AL 5 Organic Chemistry w/Lab _____________ _____ CHEM 12B/ BL 5 Organic Chemistry w/Lab _____________ _____ *If you are currently enrolled in the course, list IP (in progress) in the grade column. Name__________________________________________Soc. Sec. or ID #____________________Transferable GPA______ Street______________________________________City__________________________State_________Zip_____________ Telephone__________________________E‐mail________________________________Today’s Date___________________ Have you petitioned for your A.A or A.S. degree from Cabrillo? Yes No. When do you plan to complete your degree? __________ NOTE: you must meet with a Counselor for a ½ hour appointment and petition for graduation/degree by April 11th for your name to be in the commencement program at graduation. You should also have your general education certified for either CSU GE Breadth or IGETC at the end of the semester using an Official Transcript Request on‐line from Cabrillo’s Admissions & Records website. The GE Certified transcript will be sent directly to the university you plan to attend. You may walk in graduation if you petition for your degree and RSVP to Student Affairs by May 21st. Below is information we want to gather about your transfer plans. You may or may not know this information yet, as you are still awaiting acceptances from UC schools. The Honors Director will re‐send a request for updated information later in the semester. Have you been accepted to a four‐year college or university for Fall 2013? Yes No? or for winter/spring 2014? Yes No. List the university you plan to attend (if known):________________________________________________________________________ Note: I will re‐send this inq uiry later in the semester for universities from which you have yet to hear back! List all universities to which you applied and note if you have been admitted or are still waiting: ______________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________________ Have you decided which University you will attend? If so which? ____________________________________

Honors Scholar Application Form

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