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Berkeley EWMBA 206 - Advertising Strategy

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Advertising StrategyAdvertising Planning ProcessAdvertising ObjectivesHierarchy of effects Communication ProcessCreative StrategyCreative Strategy: Emotional vs. Rational AppealTaxonomy of Emotional AppealsSlide 8Types of Rational / Informational AppealMedia DecisionsSlide 11MessageSlide 131Ganesh IyerAdvertising StrategyWeek 8Fall 20072Ganesh IyerAdvertising Planning ProcessAdvertising Objectives Advertising Objectives Budget DecisionsBudget DecisionsCreative StrategyCreative StrategyCampaign EvaluationCampaign EvaluationMedia StrategyMedia StrategyBrand PositioningTarget Market3Ganesh IyerAdvertising ObjectivesCreate awareness for new productsInform consumers »of product features and benefits »price changes»Important for building primary demand Persuasion»Build brand preference or change buyer perceptions»especially important for building demand in competitive markets.Reminder advertising: maintain top-of-mind awareness4Ganesh IyerHierarchy of effects Communication ProcessAwarenessInterestLiking, PreferencePurchase, Action5Ganesh IyerCreative StrategyDevelop the USP “unique selling proposition” or the “Creative Hook”Unique Selling PropositionTranslates “brand positioning” into a compelling message.Objective is “Memorability”6Ganesh IyerCreative Strategy:Emotional vs. Rational AppealEmotional = appeal to psychological, social or symbolic needs. “Pull at the consumer’s heartstrings”Rational = provide information about functional and utilitarian aspects of the products.Shift towards emotional execution strategy in the later part of the product lifecycle»Intense competition and proliferation of substitutable products (Michelin)»Critical to increase “Product involvement”»» IyerTaxonomy of Emotional AppealsFear appealcan be an effective motivator but has the danger of alienating consumers»Show the consumer how to avoid the problem.»Provide concrete supporting information8Ganesh IyerTaxonomy of Emotional AppealsHumor»“Memorability” device.»Humor should not clutter the product benefits.»Execution detail: Show consumer how to avoid the problem.»Pre-test to check if consumer –i) recalls product benefit –Attitude_product versus Attitude_ad = will the message be persuasive and will the product be taken seriously. »»»»seen often in cosmetics advertising» IyerTypes of Rational / Informational AppealTechnical Expertise or Scientific Evidence: (Crest…“Look ma no cavities”)Comparative: Product features vs. competition (Nike vs. Reebok) »Advantages»High ability to get attention»Helps in competitive positioningDisadvantages»Advertise the competition. Makes competition more salient.»Can use only if there is clear objective superiority for the advertised attribute.10Ganesh IyerMedia DecisionsDefine the target market.Quantitative MeasuresReach: the percentage of people in the target market who are exposed to the ad campaign during the defined time duration»70% of the target market during the first three months of the campaignFrequency: A measure of how many times an average individual in the target market who have been reached .11Ganesh IyerMedia DecisionsAdvertising ExposureGross Rating Points = 70(Reach) 4(Frequency) = 280 GRP’s1GRP = 1 exposure to 1% of the audience.Qualitative Measures Impact; is the qualitative aspect of the medium»Newsweek vs. The National Enquirer»Sports illustrated vs. Time for tennis racquetsTrade-off between reach and frequencyPulsing vs. Continuity»Pulsing most critical for new products. Why?»Continuity needed when faced with intense competition12Ganesh IyerMessageGood advertising creative strategy translates the brand’s positioning statement into a persuasive and memorable message. A great creative will provide lasting impact even if advertising budgets are constrained.“ How you say it is as critical as what you say”13Ganesh

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