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UCLA CHEM 14CL - Report guidelines for Aldol Condensation

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PRE-LAB REPORT GUIDELINESThe synthesis of Dibenzalacetone (period 1) is done individually.In preperation for lab, your prelab report should include the following:(II) DATA and Observation(III) Results and DiscussionsALDOL CONDENSATION SYNTHESIS OF DIBENZALACETONE PRE-LAB REPORT GUIDELINES The synthesis of Dibenzalacetone (period 1) is done individually. In preperation for lab, your prelab report should include the following: 1. Introduction : In this section outline the goal(s) of the experiment as well as the experimental techniques that you will be using to purify and isolate the desired product(s). 2. . Prepare a half-page flow chart of the experimental design; indicate on your flow chart a time plan for the experiment that will allow you to complete the work in 2 hours. Be sure to use the time the reaction is stirring for other activities. Make sure to reference the procedural steps in the lab manual. 3. List the equipment that you will need to have on hand for each step in the procedure. 4. Provide MSDS information for Benzaldehyde and Acetone. You should record the following MSDS information in your notebook for the chemicals listed above. (Printouts directly from the Web pages will NOT be accepted!!) (a) Product Name (b) Chemical Formula (c) Formula Weight (d) Melting Point; Boiling Point and Density (also known as specific gravity) (e) Health Hazard Data (summarize in your own words) (f) Spill and Disposal procedures (summarize in your own words) (In addition to the MSDS sites provided by the University of California, you may want to look at Click on “Combined Chemical Dictionary (CCD)” and start the search.) 5. Draw the three possible isomers of dibenzalacetone. (Hint: Consider the stereochemistry around the two double bonds. Remember that there is no free rotation around a double bond.) Give BOTH the common and IUPAC names for each of the isomer structure. Note: There is NO pre-lab report associated with period 2 “Molecular Modeling”.ALDOL CONDENSATION SYNTHESIS OF DIBENZALACETONE POST-LAB REPORT GUIDELINES This is an INDIVIDUAL report - Period 1 only (I) Abstract • Summarize results and describe what you did in the experiment including techniques that you used in synthesis, purification and identification. (II) DATA and Observation • Record all reagent amounts, any procedural changes to the directions and all observations. • Record the volume of ethyl acetate that you needed for the recrystallization step. • Describe the product that you obtained. Record the weight of the labeled tube that you stored your product in. • Record the weight and the melting point of the recrystallized product. (III) RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS • Show chemical equations used to calculate the limiting yield • Calculate the % yield of dibenzalacetone that you obtained. • Compare your melting point to the literature value(s) for dibenzalacetone • What can you conclude about the purity of the compound that you made? Explain. Note: Review melting point theory in 14BL or consult your Mohrig's text. (IV) Conclusion: • Comment on % yield • Comment on the purity of your recrystallized product based on your experimental melting

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