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John E. Erdei Astronomy PHY250 Spring 2012 Physics: Science Center 101B Office of the Dean: O’Reilly Hall 104 92318 92604 [email protected] Office Hours: Mon 9:00 - 10:30 am Thrs 1:00 - 2:30 pm Web Page: Text: Chaisson and McMillan, Astronomy Today, 7th Ed. Test Chapter Points Test 1 1,2 50 Test 2 3,4,5 100 Test 3 6,16,17 100 Test 4 20,21,22 100 Electronic Quizzes Info and Basic Algebra Deduct +/- if not turned in Quiz 1 5 Quiz 2 5 Quiz 3 5 Quiz 4 5 Group Exercises Exercise 1 20 Exercise 2 20 Exercise 3 20 Exercise 4 20 Grades will be computed on the basis of a percentage of the total number of points turned in by the end of the semester. Points Percentage of Total Grade Points Percentage of Total Grade Points Percentage of Total Grade Points Percentage of Total Grade 93% A 87% B+ 77% C+ 60% D 90% A- 83% B 73% C < 60% F 80% B- 70% C- ALL EXAMS ARE CLOSED BOOK, WITH NO FORMULA SHEETS OR CALCULATORS NOTE: ALL tests must be taken at the assigned time. A make-up exam will be given at the end of the term for those with a LEGITIMATE WRITTEN MEDICAL EXCUSE. Missed tests without such an excuse will be assigned a zero (going out of town and ride is not returning on time to take exam is not an acceptable excuse). Makeups are not given to replace a low score on one of the tests. The exams are not returned to the students. They can be examined at any time in the instructors office. MAKEUPS: A day is set aside at the end of the term for ALL makeup exams. Those with a valid excuse must obtain a REQUEST FOR MAKEUP EXAM form from the instructor of the course. The form must be filled out and signed by the instructor. Students who have not filled out a request form will not be allowed to take a makeup exam. Unless otherwise stated in class, ALL MAKEUP EXAMS ARE ON THE DATE LISTED ON THE CALENDAR AT 7:00 PM IN THE USUAL CLASSROOM.LAST EXAM: The last exam is administered during finals week. The time and date of the exam is listed on the calendar. All students registered for this course are required to take the last exam at the time specified. Students unable to take the last exam for a valid medical reason will be given an "I" and the exam will be made up at a later date. An exception is given to graduating seniors, who may have to take the exam early. This will be arranged by the instructor. COURSE WEBSITE: There is a website associated with this course that can be accessed through the website of Dr. Erdei at To get to the course website, click on the PHY250 link (in blue) at the bottom of this webpage. MATHEMATICAL SKILLS: The area of Astronomy relies upon an understanding of some very basic areas of physics and mathematics. In order to demonstrate (or build) skills that will be relied upon during the course, each student enrolled in PHY250 must complete a series of electronic Home Quizzes (see below). These quizzes are designed to be refreshers in these basic areas for the student and will be used as a stepping stone to techniques that will be utilized during the course. GROUP ASSIGNMENTS: There will be projects during the semester that will involve group work outside of class. Group members will be assigned in class. Each group will turn in a single project. For a given group, the same amount of credit will be given to all members of the group. The statement of the projects can be found at the PHY250 website. Material and techniques addressed in the Group Assignments should be considered to be valid test material. INDIVIDUAL ASSIGMENT (Will NOT be done in 12/SP) – The University of Dayton Flyer Observatory (UFO): There is one assignment to be completed individually, which will involve the use of the use of the UFO facility. Each student in the class is assigned a “Researcher Number” which will determine particular aspects of the assignment. The statement of the individual assignment can be found in the PHY250 website. Material and techniques addressed in the Individual Assignment should be considered to be valid test material. HOME QUIZZES: In order to get credit for these quizzes, they must be completed and electronically submitted. Quizzes involve information that has been covered in previous science and math classes at either the university or high school level. Skills covered by these quizzes are essential tools for the course. Due dates are found on the calendar. Home Quiz Policy: Quizzes are completed in a series of blocks. * If a quiz is submitted and a perfect score is achieved, then that quiz block is complete and no further action is necessary. * If a perfect score is not achieved, the quiz must be reworked and submitted ONE MORE TIME. * Although credit will be given for the quiz block even in a perfect score is never achieved, an inability to achieve a perfect score points toward a significant deficiency in the very basic mathematical skill being examined in the quiz block. This deficiency should be given serious consideration by the student. SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Students with learning disabilities can be given extended time for exams or a private location for taking exams in accordance with state and federal law. ALL STUDENTS REQUESTING SPECIAL CONSIDERATION ON EXAMS MUST PRESENT DOCUMENTATION from the the Learning Teaching Center’s Office of Student Learning Services (SLS) to the course instructor at the beginning of the semester. Any special considerations for the location of the administration for the exam must be arranged with the instructor in advance. For more information, please contact SLS at 937-229-2066 or stop by the SLS office in LTC 023. The website is Astronomy Today, 7th Ed. C1: Section 1, 2, 3, 4 (Zodiac, Seasonal Changes only), 7 C16: Sections 1,2, and 6 only Review: 5,6,8,9,10,18,19 Review: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9 Conceptual Self-Test: 2,3,4,8,9,10 Conceptual Self-Test: 1,4,5 Problems: 6,8,10 Problems: 2,8 C2: C17: Review: 2,8,10,17,18 Review: 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,17,18,19,20 Conceptual Self-Test: 2,5,9 Conceptual Self-Test: 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10 Problems: 3,4,8 Problems: 1,2,3,5 C3: C18: Review: 2,3,10,11,12,16,17,18 Review: Conceptual Self-Test: 1,26,7,8,9,10 Conceptual Self-Test: Problems:

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