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Summer Reading Assignment English III Honors/Pre-AP & AP Language &CompositionThe Scholars Academy—SophomoresInstructor: Melissa DeLoachThis reading list contains four groups of literature based on themes common in each piece which, of course, we will discuss in class throughout the year in English III Honors and AP Language. You are required to read FOUR of these books this summer. Choose one book from each thematic group. Complete the QQTT assignment explained on the back of this handout. The first group includes fairly recent memoirs which are becoming nonfiction classics already. Because of their historical, philosophical, and rhetorical impact, excerpts from memoirs have been used on the Advanced Placement English Language & Composition exam which you will take in May.The second group consists of one novel and one play, both with strong messages about the treatment of human beings amid strict laws, religion, and relationships. Both of these classic American authors portray the ironic hypocrisy that abounds within that society, one which no longer exists today…or does it? The third group of novels includes two American classics published in 1937, one male and one female writer. Though their stories are different, they both depict people searching for their dreams, for their own identities, for truth, friendship, and love. And both protagonists, a love-lorn black girl and a scruffy ranch hand, must make life-altering choices that test their values, their faith, and their friendships. The final novels are both famous science fiction works. But are they insightful predictors of humanity or just creative sensationalism? Memoirs: Rhetorical ReminiscencesWhat & how would you tell the world? CHOOSE ONE.Hunger of Memory by Richard Rodriguez Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourtTuesdays with Morrie by Mitch AlbumThe Hypocritical Society…of Old? CHOOSE ONE.The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel HawthorneThe Crucible by Arthur MillerSearchers and Dreamers: “Two Roads Diverged…” Which choice would you make? CHOOSE ONE.Of Mice and Men by John SteinbeckTheir Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston Predictions for Humanity: Science Fiction or Sensationalism? CHOOSE ONE.Brave New World by Aldous Huxley1984 by George OrwellQQTT Assignment explained on back.I recommend you purchase copies to use for reference throughout the year. Just a suggestion.Email me with questions about your summer reading assignment as neededthroughout the summer at [email protected] QQTT ASSIGNMENT: CHOOSE FOUR BOOKS HERE—ONE FROM EACH GROUP. For each book read, prepare your “QQTT”: one QUESTION, one QUOTE, and two TALKING POINTS from the book. Here’s how:QUESTION = Formulate the question you think I am asking with each thematic group of literature. (Write a complete question based on my questions above--See the question marks?) Then answer the question by making connections with the work itself as well as to your world—based on your personal, scientific, religious, historical, political, literary knowledge and experience. Even a personal answer must bring in the work itself somehow. QUOTE = Choose the most meaningful passage from the work in your critical opinion. It does not have to be a piece of dialogue between characters. Yes, write the quote down word for word and document the page number. Then explain why you believe this passage best exemplifies the author’s message and purpose of the work as a whole.TALKING POINTS = Write down two different topics you want to discuss with this work of literature. Explain the topic and what you want to say about it. Why is this topic an important talking point for this work? Yes, anything goes as long as it relates to the book! SCORING YOUR QQTT: FORMAT = 10 pts each QQTT Your responses should be typed, 12 point, double spaced, with title of work and author at top. Type your name in the upper right hand corner of each page. Follow the turn-in guidelines explained below underDUE DATE as part of your formatting requirements.CONTENT = 60 pts each QQTT Your responses should be rich in thought, demonstrating insight and critical observances of these works. I beg to be impressed by your personal reading ah-ha’s. It’s ok if you don’t have profound earthshattering breakthroughs while reading. Just show me your struggles to figure it out,how you’ve made sense of it all for you alone. Question it all! No, I am not going to give you a quota to meet in length. Rich, developed QQTTs mean I can’t say: “But what? But why? But how? But if…” after reading one of yours. You’ve answered possible questions, peeled back all the layers of the question, the quote, the topics.WRITING = 30 pts each QQTT Your responses must be well written. Though informal compared to formal essays, your original QQTTs must demonstrate “controlof language” as required on the AP exam. I should not have to stumble through your writing, sludging along spackled sentences, fractured by irresponsible structure, spelling, and sinkholes. Sorry. Got carried away. You, hopefully, get the idea. DUE DATE: This SUMMER READING assignment will count as 4 major grades in English III Honors/PreAP first semester. (Each QQTT is a separate grade.) QQTT #1: Email me one completed QQTT no later than August 1. No vacation excuses please. Send it before you go. I will quickly give you feedback via email so you can make sure you do the last ones correctly. QQTT #2 & #3: Turn in paper copy of the 2nd & 3rd QQTTs on the first day of school—Tuesday, August 18. You will also write in reference to these books in class during the first weeks of school. Your QQTTs will be a needed tool to use, thus the paper copy requirement. Warning: If you don’t read, you will not be able to do the first few class assignments in August. QQTT #4: Turn in your 4th and final QQTT which must be your science fiction choice no later than September 1 in my Digital Dropbox (I’ll show you how in class.).Academicintegrity isrequired of allScholars. Yourwords should beyours, not theinternet’s or

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