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Chabot PSCN 18 - Course Outline

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Chabot College Fall 2010Course Outline for Psychology-Counseling 18UNIVERSITY TRANSFER PLANNING1. Typical Assignments:None.Chabot College Fall 2010Course Outline for Psychology-Counseling 18UNIVERSITY TRANSFER PLANNINGCatalog Description: 18 – University Transfer Planning ½-1 unitIntroduction to the resources and planning process needed to ease transition from community college to afour-year college or university. Development of a transfer action plan. Preparation for major and generaleducation requirements. Application cycles and important deadlines. Recommended for thosetransferring to four-year colleges or universities. ½ - 1 hour.[Typical contact hours: 8.75 – 17.5]Prerequisite Skills:NoneExpected Outcomes for Students:Upon completion of the course the student should be able to:1. use research resources to identify information about four-year institutions;2. demonstrate knowledge of technical terms and jargon used in transfer planning at colleges and universities;3. express the difference between majors and minors as well as the advantage of completing a minor course of study;4. make a meaningful site visit to potential four-year institutions;5. identify proper course sequencing for their intended transfer plan;6. demonstrate a knowledge of course equivalency and general articulation issues;7. develop and present a written transfer plan;8. demonstrate knowledge of types of financial aid and application process.Course Content:1. Self control/determination in transfer and life planning2. Definition of transfer and transfer planning3. Getting information and feedback from significant people in the community4. Options in higher education planning 5. “Collegese” – terminology most often used in transfer planning6. Benefits of a baccalaureate degree7. Choosing a major and a minor and why both are beneficial8. Researching possible transfer institutions and visiting sites9. Course sequencing for transfer planning10. General financial aid issues for transfer11. The transfer application process, deadlines and admission proceduresMethods of Presentation:1. Lecture and discussion2. Text/workbook exercises3. Group discussionChabot CollegeCourse Outline for Psychology-Counseling 18, Page 2Fall 2010Assignments and Methods of Evaluating Student Progress:1. Typical Assignments:a. Write a two-page personal statement answering the two questions asked in the UC application. The goal of this project is to get a head-start on writing the personal statement for theUC application. b. Visit the California Colleges website and create a Transfer Action Plan. This plan is a planning tool that will help you learn which general education classes to take based on your transfer goals. After creating your online Transfer Plan make an appointment with a Chabot Counselor to create a Student Education Plan (SEP) and cross reference your online Transfer Plan with the SEP you develop with the counselor.c. After lecture on using the website go to the website and print out the major transfer requirements for at least one CSU and one UC school that you are interested in transferring to.d. Research two universities that you would like to transfer to. Create an oral presentation that covers the pros and cons of each university. Be sure to include the location, minimum admission criteria, competitive GPA requirements, major requirements, total university size, and other topicsthat are unique to those campuses. If you have a chance to visit the campus, include personal impressions and photos in your presentation.2. Methods of Evaluating Students Progress:a. Quizzesb. Final examinationsc. Written assignmentsd. Small Group Projects e. Individual Presentationsf. Attendance and participationTextbook(s) Typical:Community College Orientation, Everything begins with you, Anthony A. Raptis, Successmakers Publishing, 2004Note: older textbook is standards for this class. Special Student Materials:None.[DG/dg] [C:\Documents and Settings\dgreene\My Documents\PSCN 18][Revised: August 25,

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