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SPC MATH 0311 - Study Notes

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SOUTH PLAINS COLLEGE COURSE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES MATH 0311 FUNDAMENTALS OF ARITHMETIC FOR NURSES PURPOSE OF THE COURSE: The acquisition in precise form of those ideas or concepts in terms of which the quantitative thinking of the world is done. Correct use of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, measurements, and short methods for rapid calculations will be presented. This course is for Associate Degree in Nursing and Diploma Program nursing students only and is required if testing indicates a need. The course will provide a mathematical background for the nursing student and instruct in the application of mathematics to pharmacology problems. TEXTBOOK: ASSIGNMENT BOOK INSTRUCTOR: Alma Lopez OFFICE: M116D PHONE: 894-9611 ext. 2640 EMAIL: [email protected]: OFFICE HOURS: As posted on office door and by appointment. ATTENDANCE: If you are in this class to meet TASP requirements and are not in another remedial course, if you drop this course, you will be dropped from all classes. I will not drop anyone for non-attendance. If you quit coming to class and do not drop yourself, you will receive an F and the end of the semester. GRADING: Your final grade will be determined by: (Test 1 + Test 2 + Test 3 + Test 4 + quiz average) 5 Average Grade in Course 90 – 100 A 80 – 89 B 70 – 79 C 60 – 69 D 0 – 59 F A grade of PR may be given to a student at the end of the semester in place of a F or D only if the student has no more than four absences and has a passing quiz average. A PR indicates the course should be retaken. DROPPING A COURSE: If you decide to drop this course, please follow the instructions below: 1. Get an official drop slip form from the registrar’s office and have it signed by your instructor or advisor. 2. Return the completed form to the registrar’s office. If it is returned by: Oct. 12 you will receive a W. Consult your advisor to make sure you are in TASP compliance and with the nursing department if you are required to take this course. EXAMINATIONS: There will be 4 major exams. If you miss an exam, you must contact me the day of the exam and make arrangements to take a makeup within one week. Short quizzes will be given as scheduled. THERE WILL BE NO MAKEUPS FOR ANY QUIZ. VIDEO TAPES: Video tapes for many topics in this course are available in the Math Department AV Lab, Room 116. You are encouraged to use these tapes. The tapes can be viewed in the lab or may be checked out. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: South Plains College strives to accommodate the individual needs of all students in order to enhance their opportunities for success in the context of a comprehensive community college setting. It is the policy of South Plains College to offer all educational and employment opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability or age. COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of the course, the student will: 1. Be able to solve arithmetic problems involving fractions and decimals. 2. Be able to express fractions as ratios and decimals. 3. Be able to solve proportion problems. 4. Be able to solve percentage problems. 5. Be able to convert measures within the Apothecary and Metric system. 6. Be able to convert units from the Apothecary to the Metric system and vice versa. 7. Be able to convert from Fahrenheit to the Celsius scale and vice versa. 8. Be able to solve dosage problems involving external solutions, oral, parenteral, and pediatric dosages.Class: Math 0311 – 001 MW 4:00 – 6:00 Semester: Fall 2011 Instructor: Alma Lopez M112 Office: M 116 Phone: 716- 2640 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday OFFICE HOURS: Aug. 29 Roman Numerals, Fractions, p. 2 - 5 Aug. 31 QUIZ Fractions, Decimals, Percents, p. 6 - 8 Ratio and Proportions, p. 9 Sept. 5 Holiday Sept. 7 QUIZ Proportion Applications, p. 11 Review p. 12. - 14 Sept. 12 TEST I Sept. 14 Metric and Apothecary p. 15, 17 Sept. 19 QUIZ Household p. 18 Temperatures p. 20 Sept. 21 QUIZ Ratio and Percent Strength, p. 21 Review p. 22 Sept. 26 TEST II Sept. 28 Tablets, p. 24 - 26 Oct. 3 QUIZ Oral and Parenteral p. 28 - 31 Oct. 5 QUIZ IV p. 34 - 36 Review p. 27 - 28 Oct. 10 TEST III Oct. 12 Solutions, p. 40 - 43 Oct. 17 QUIZ Pediatrics, p. 45 - 46 Review, p. 47 - 50 Oct. 19 TEST

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