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UNT PHYS 1062 - Syllabus1062

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Week ofTOPICSNewton's Laws of MotionFebruary 7March 14-20Spring BreakMarch 21March 28April 11April 18April 25Life on Other WorldsMay 2Course ReviewMay 9FINAL EXAM6:00 pm –8:30pm in ENV-130Week ofTOPICSMarch 14-20April 4April 18PHYSICS 1062 SYLLABUS: SPRING 2011JIM ROBERTS, PROFESSOR OF PHYSICSCOURSE WEBPAGE: WWW.PHYS.UNT.EDU/FACULTY/ROBERTS/INDEX.HTMLOFFICE: ROOM 314 PHYSICS BUILDING (BEHIND DOOR #317) 940-565-3022OFFICE HOURS: 10-11 MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. I AM GENERALLY ON CAMPUS FROM 8:30-5:00 DAILY ANDWILL BE AVAILABLE AFTER CLASS ON MONDAYS TO CONSULT WITH ANY STUDENTS AS NEEDED.The University of North Texas Physics Department will make reasonable adjustments to ensure equal opportunity for qualified persons with disabilities to participate in all physics programs and activities. Please see instructor if special accommodations are required.Week of TOPICS TEXT January 17 Martin Luther King Holiday-NO CLASSJanuary 24 Introduction, Distribution of PHYS 1062 Lab syllabus Chapter 1Units, Measurements, Scale, Scientific Notation Chapter 1Motions of Objects in the Sky Chapter 2The Cycles of the Moon Chapter 3January 31 Ancient Astronomy, Models Of the Solar System Chapter 4Newton's Laws of Motion Chapter 5Electromagnetic Radiation, Spectroscopy Chapter 6February 7 EXAM 1: Chapters 1-6Atoms and Starlight Chapter 7February 14 The Sun and its properties Chapter 8Solar activities and Nuclear Properties Chapter 8February 21 Measuring Stars and Distance Chapter 9Families of Stars Chapter 9February 28 Interstellar Medium Chapter 10Models and Formation of Stars Chapter 11March 7 EXAM 2: Chapters 7-11Stellar Evolution Chapter 12Last day to accept EXTRA CREDITMarch 14-20 Spring BreakMarch 21 Death of Stars Chapter 13March 28 Compact Stars, White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars Chapter 14Early Summer/Fall 10 Registration LastDropDateApril 4 EXAM 3: Chapters 12-14The Milky Way Galaxy Chapter 15April 11 Structure of Galaxies Chapter 16April 18 Active Galaxies Chapter 17April 25 EXAM 4: Chapters 15-17Cosmology Chapter 18Life on Other Worlds Chapter 19May 2 Course ReviewMay 9 FINAL EXAM6:00 pm –8:30pm in ENV-130 (COMPREHENSIVE)Chapters 1-19There will be four tests, your lab points, your class participation (CP) points and a final examination to obtain a grade for this course. There will be no “make-up” tests. Students are provided an opportunity tobe exempted from the comprehensive final if they have accumulated 550 points, 92% average after the fourth exam. Otherwise, the final must be taken. Lab points will not be considered for exemption. If you are not exempted your grade will be calculated using the final, your lab points, your class participation points and three of the highest test grades and the final exam score. These six elements are computed according to the following formulas:XGRADE = ( CP+T1 + T2 + T3+ T4 + Lab) /6 FGRADE = ( CP+ Lab+T1 + T2 + T3+ T4+1.5*Tf –TX )/6TX is the drop test score. Tf is the final test score. CP is the class participation score.Videos and Experiments are provided during the semester to allow you to earn class participation points to add to your overall grade. You must request the experiments. The (12) Video-Essays and (7) Experiments are graded on a 0-10 point scale, whereas the attendance is graded on a 0-5 point scale and in all 250 points are available. You will be expected to write a full extended narrative essay (not a Point-by-Point Outline) over these videos and to be present in class at the beginning to receive full credit for theessays. This structure will also be used for monitoring attendance. VIDEO TITLESWeek of TOPICS TEXT January 17 Martin Luther King Holiday-NO CLASSJanuary 24 The Scale of the Cosmos Chapter 1January 31 Newton, Einstein, and Gravity Chapter 5February 7 Atoms and Starlight Chapter 7February 14 The Sun Chapter 8February 21 Stellar Properties Chapter 9February 28 Stellar Formation Chapter 11March 7 The Lives of The Stars Chapter 12March 14-20 Spring Break March 21 The Fate of the Universe Chapter 13March 28 Neutron Stars and Black Holes Chapter 14April 4 The Milky Way Chapter 15April 11 Galaxies Chapter 16April 18 Peculiar Galaxies Chapter 17The final examination is comprehensive and will be given on May 11, at 6:00 pm.If you have any concerns about how the course is being conducted as we progressthrough the course, please feel free to come by to see me and we will discuss yourconcerns or you can let me know of any concerns by e-mail to: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: 10-11 MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY ROOM 317 PHYSICSBUILDINGHave a great

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