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SPC MATH 0320 - Intermediate Algebra

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MATH 0320 - INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA Purpose - To provide a fundamental algebraic base which the student can use for the study of more advanced mathematics courses. Prerequisite: Math 0315 - Beginning Algebra or a score of 62 on Accuplacer. Textbook & Supplies - Elementary and Intermediate Algebra by Sullivan, Struve, and Mazzarella 2nd edition with the My Math Lab packet; scientific calculator Instructor: S. Robinson Phone: 806.716.4684 Office: Reese Center #318F Office Hours: see outline email: [email protected] Attendance - Regular attendance is essential for successful completion of this course. There is no distinction between excused and unexcused absences, so there is no need to bring any type of note documenting your absence. If a student has two consecutive weeks of absences, or any 5 throughout the semester, he/she may be dropped from the course with a grade of F. Grade Determination - Grades will be averaged according to the following formula: (Ex. 1 + Ex. 2 + Ex. 3 + Ex. 4 + Quiz Ave + Final Exam) ÷ 6 = Course Grade Grading Standards - The grading scale will be as follows: Passing Standard - A grade of C or better is required in order to advance to the next course. Although the grade earned in this course is not counted in the overall GPA, it is counted in obtaining the semester GPA and is used to determine academic status for financial aid. This course and its grade will be recorded on your official transcript. If you plan to transfer to another college or university, be advised that the grade you make in this course may reflect on your ability to transfer. I do not give PR grades in this class. Assignment Policy – Homework will be assigned at each class meeting and will be due at the next class meeting. Homework assignments will not be taken up but it is essential that you do each and every assignment in order to be adequately prepared for the quizzes. 90 – 100 = A 80 – 89 = B 70 – 79 = C 60 – 69 = D Below 60 = FExams and Quizzes - There will be several regularly scheduled online quizzes and four major exams (see outline). No makeups will be given on exams or quizzes. If a major exam is missed, you will receive a grade of 0 for the missed exam. If the final exam is higher than the lowest major exam, the lowest major exam grade will be dropped and the final exam will be counted twice. If the final exam grade is the lowest grade, it will NOT be dropped. The day and time of the final exam are posted on the course outline; you MUST take your final exam at this time. Any student arriving more than 10 minutes late for a major exam or final exam may not be allowed to take the exam. Quiz questions will be taken from homework problems so it is essential to attempt each homework problem before class. You will need the My Math Lab packet bundled with your textbook in order to register for the online quizzes. There are no "extra credit" points given in this class. Your grade is based ONLY on your exams and quizzes. Please do not ask me to give you any extra credit or "bump" your grade. I do not give PR grades in this class. Lab - The lab time for this course will be integrated into the lecture time; lab time will be used for taking exams, working additional examples, and as extra teaching time. Dropping the Course – The last day to drop is April 26, 2011. If you drop on or before this date, you will receive a grade of W or U. Disabilities – Students with disabilities including but not limited to physical, psychiatric or learning disabilities, who wish to request accommodations in this class should notify the Special Services Office early in the semester so that the appropriate arrangements may be made. In accordance with federal law, a student requesting accommodations must provide acceptable documentation of his or her disability to the Coordinator of Special Services. For more information, call or visit the Special Services Office in Building 8, room 809 and 811 at Reese Center or phone 885-3048, ext 4654. Video Tapes and Tutoring – Videotapes for many of the topics in this course are available in the Video Lab, room #256. Tutoring is also available in Building 8, in the Math building in Levelland, and at the ATC Building at 34th and Ave. Q in Lubbock. Tutoring hours and locations will be posted in the hallways of each building. Videos are also available on My Math Lab. My Math Lab - Part of your final average is based on homework problems worked online via My Math Lab. These problems will account for the quiz average that is 1/6 of your final grade. I encourage you to purchase your textbook immediately and use the Access Code Packet (bundled with your textbook) to register for this class online. Things you will need in order to register: 1. Email address 2. Student Access Code (in your My Math Lab Packet) 3. Instructor’s Course ID: to be announced 4. SPC Zip Code: 79336 Follow these steps for a painless registration procedure:1. Go to and click the Register button. 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your Student Access Code and the Instructor’s Course ID, provide contact information via a valid email address, and create a Login Name and Password. After you have registered and enrolled, you are ready to log in to your My Math Lab course. To log in and access your course: 1. Go to and click the Log In button. 2. Enter the Login Name and Password you created during registration. Important Note The homework problems assigned online via My Math Lab are required and constitute the quiz average for this class. If you either do not have a personal computer or your computer is in serious need of an upgrade, there are many computer labs on the Levelland campus, the Reese Center campus, and the ATC campus which have very liberal hours. Please use only the listed labs to access My Math Lab since special plug-ins are required and other labs will not have these plug-ins installed. The labs at the Reese Center campus with the plug-ins are in rooms 207, 827, 828, and 829. Computer science students have priority in room 827. Hours for these labs will be announced when available. Computers are also available at the ATC building at 34th and Avenue Q. Student Responsibilities - In order to be successful in this class, the student should: 1. Attend class and be aware of announcements made in class. 2. Work

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