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Gates Hillman TestApril 11, 2008Names:The following test will give you an opportunity to learn about the Gates Hillman Complex. Tohelp answer the questions we have placed large floor plans in the lobby. You are also welcome touse any other information you can find on the web.You are encouraged to work in groups of 2 or 3 and have until noon tomorrow to finish. Questionsare grouped by topic and get harder within each topic. When asked about where something is, justgive the room number.The winner(s) will receive an iPod touch. In the case of a tie, one winner will be picked atrandom.General Spaces1: At w hat level do you enter the Gates Center when coming from the Pausch bridge?2: On what level is the Cafe?3: What is in the middle of the helix?4: What is on level 2 of the Hillman Center?5: Room 6101 will be the replacement for the CS lounge. Why is it called a “collaborativecommon” instead of a “lounge”?6: How many distinct spaces are there that are two levels or more (±1)?7: What is the length of the Helix (within 10%)? Hint, it rises 33 feet and is ADA compliant.18: Where will one go to get the nicest view over the cut?9: What is the height of the tallest open space in the building? (±5 feet).10: What room are we considering for a bike storage room?Names11: What part of the building has been referred to as the nose?12: What part of the building has been referred to as the Veloso?13: What part of the building has been referred to as the Kamlet? Hint, the name arose out of adebate about partially blocking the view of the tower of learning from the cut.14: What stairs have been referred to as the Hogwarts stairs?Classrooms15: How many classrooms are there on each le vel? (List numbers by level)16: How many classrooms have exterior windows? (±1, since one is ambiguous).17: What is the space behind the AV room in the auditorium for.2Conference Rooms18: Which three conference room s are surrounded by glass on three sides?19: Which conference room opens up on one side with sliding panels?20: In what ro om will we have our Black Friday Meetings?21: Will you be able to see the USX tower from any conference room?Offices22: Most of the offices are one of two sizes, what are those sizes?23: How many offices do not have exterior windows? Exterior m eans the air on the other side ofthe window is outside air.24: Where is Jim Skees’ office?Exterior25: About 90% of the building is covered by what two materials, in about equal parts.26: Is the level 6 terrace (on the west side of the building) protected from the rain? Assume it isnot blowing.27: What is the shortest exterior path for a bird to fly from the level 6 terrace to the top of theelevator shafts on the roof of Gates.328: Which bridge will be longer the Gates-NSH bridge or the NSH-Wean bridge?29: When Carlos rappels off of the Roof of the Gates Center on opening day where should he be(above what room) to maximize the drop?30: How many bridges are there attaching the new buildings to existing buildings?31: There is a bridge in the landscaping (not attached to a building). Where is it?32: How many parking spaces are there in the garage (±5)?Systems33: The building uses enthalpy wheels in the heating and cooling. What do they do?34: At the bottom of the atrium on level 7 of Gates (room 7xxx), why are there exterior “doors”along the west side of the

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