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RIT 1017 350 - Existing Course

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Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, New York COLLEGE of Science Department of Physics EXISTING COURSE: 1017-350 1.0 Title: Sophomore Physics Seminar Date: April 19, 2006 Credit Hours: 1 Prerequisite(s): 1017-311, 1017-312, 1017-313, 1017-314 Corequisite(s): __________________________________________ Course proposed by: Department of Physics 2.0 Course information: Contact hours Maximum students/section Classroom 2 Lab Studio Other (specify _______) Quarter(s) offered (check) _____ Fall _____ Winter _x___ Spring _____ Summer Students required to take this course: (by program and year, as appropriate) Physics-2nd year Students who might elect to take the course: ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 3.0 Goals of the course (including rationale for the course, when appropriate): 3.1 To integrate the diverse topics covered in physics courses, normally taken during the first five quarters of study, into unified concepts 3.2 To expand the student’s exposure to current topics in physics by attending Department of Physics Colloquia and reading the physics literature 3.3 To provide experience in searching the physics literature and in the writing of reports which are coherent and concise.4.0 Course description (as it will appear in the RIT Catalog, including pre- and co-requisites, quarters offered) This seminar will assist students in their preparation for the Comprehensive Oral Exam (CORE) required at the end of the course by presenting a unified as opposed to topical approach to physics. They will also prepare a written report based on the material collected during a literature search. 5.0 Possible resources (texts, references, computer packages, etc.) 5.1 Lecture notes and handouts 5.2 No textbook required 6.0 Topics (outline): 6.1 Discussion of Unifying Concepts in Physics 6.1.1 Motion 6.1.2 Interactions: Forces and Fields 6.1.3 Conservation Laws 6.2 Discussion of Sample Questions from Typical CORE’s 6.3 Library Search of the Physics Literature 6.3.1 Overview of Physics Journals 6.3.2 Resources of Literature Searches 6.3.3 Organizing the Extracted Material 6.4 Preparation of Scientific Report 6.4.1 Scientific as opposed to literary styles 6.4.2 Use and format of tables, figures, and figure captions 6.4.3 Referencing the work of others7.0 Intended learning outcomes and associated assessment methods of those outcomes CORE PAPER Demonstrate an understanding of the unifying concepts in physics X Demonstrate an ability to comprehend and respond to diverse questions concerning physical phenomena X Demonstrate ability to use appropriate mathematics, analytical skills and notation in solving problems X Assemble necessary documentation needed for writing a scientific report X Write a scientific report including tables, figures and references. X 8.0 Program or general education goals supported by this course 8.1 To develop student’s basic understanding of the physical world and mathematical descriptions of it. 8.2 To develop student’s capacity for critical thinking and problem solving. 9.0 Other relevant information (such as special classroom, studio, or lab needs, special scheduling, media requirements, etc.) 10.0 Supplemental

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