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DCB ENGL 238 - Motivating children to read

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Dakota College at Bottineau Syllabus Online Course Prefix/Number/Title: ENGL238/Children's Literature Number of Credits: 3 Course Description: Types of literature covered include picture books, poetry, folklore, fantasy, and fiction (for children from infancy to Grade 6). Motivating children to read is a topic that is also covered. Pre-/Co-requisites: None Course Objectives: It is expected that students will gain: An awareness of why we read The knowledge of What Makes a Good Book Knowledge about the components of a Good Picture Book Information about Poetry An appreciation of Traditional Fantasy An appreciation of Modern Fantasy Knowledge about Contemporary Realistic Fiction Information about Historical Fiction An understanding of Multi-cultural and International Children's Books (Gen Ed Goal #8) An interest in Motivating Children to Read (Gen Ed Goal #9) Information about teaching reading, using Children's Literature Information about Evaluation and Assessment Knowledge about the connections between technology and literature (DVD books, e-books, online literature (Gen Ed Goal #3) Information about nature and environmental concerns (Gen Ed Goal #5 Instructor: Faye Bernstein Office: Online Office Hours: Use the eMail tool within the online course to communicate with the instructor. Course eMail messages will be checked daily. If you have a technical problem, contact the Distance Education office by calling 1-701-228-5479 or 1-888-918-5623 (toll-free) Email: Use online course eMail tool. Class Schedule: Online Textbook: Title : Children's Literature Author : Darigan, Tunnell, and Jacobs Publisher : Merrill Prentice Hall Edition/Year : 2002 ISBN : 0-13-081355-9 Additional information : none Type : Required resourceTitle : Charlotte's Web & The Tale of Peter Rabbit Author : E.B. White and Beatrix Potter Publisher : Harper Collins and F.Warne & Co. ISBN : 0-06-441093-5 0-7232-4770-6 Additional information : none Type : Required resource Title : Where the Wild Things Are Author : Maurice Sendak Publisher : Harper Trophy ISBN : 13:-978-06-443178-1 Additional information : none Type : Required resource Course Requirements: Complete weekly lessons during the 16 weeks of this course. Read a chapter a week for 15 weeks and take a quiz on each chapter. Answer an essay question for each of the first 11 chapters. Do Open Book Quizzes for Chapters 12-15. Write 3 Essays Complete all assignments by the dates listed. Tentative Course Outline: This course teaches the different types of Children's Literature and gives information about motivating children to read General Education Goals/Objectives: Through literature, children learn about other cultures. (Gen Ed Goal #8) Being exposed to different types of literature can motivate children to enjoy reading. (Gen Ed Goal #9) Through DVD books, e-books, and online literature, children benefit from the connections between technology and literature. (Gen Ed Goal #3) Through literature, children can learn about nature and environmental concerns. (Gen Ed Goal #5) Relationship to Campus Theme: Read books about nature and environmental concerns. Write about how the content can help children learn to appreciate nature. Classroom Policies: Regular participation is expected. All quizzes and exams can be taken on any computer with Internet access. Students should select an environment conducive for testing (distraction-free area at home, acomputer lab at a library, etc.) Students can take the tests at any time between the given dates and times. Each test will be available for a limited period of time. Academic Integrity: The academic community is operated on the basis of honesty, integrity, and fair play. It is expected that all students as members of the college community adhere to the highest levels of academic integrity. This means that: Students are responsible for submitting their own work. Student work must not be plagiarized. Students must not cooperate on oral or written examinations or work together on evaluated assignments without authorization. To learn how to avoid plagiarism in your work, review the website from Purdue university, Is It Plagiarism Yet? Violations of academic principles such as cheating, plagiarism or other academic improprieties will be handled using the guidelines outlined in the Student Handbook on pages 18, 19, and 37. Disablilities and Special Needs: If you have a disability for which you need accommodation, contact the Learning Center to request disability support services: Phone 701-228-5477 or toll-free 1-888-918-5623. Evaluation Grading Method : Your final grade is determined by total points. Grading : Grades will be calculated using the following criteria: 15 Chapter Quizzes: 10 pts. each=150 Pts. 10 Chapter Essay Questions: 20 pts. each=200 Pts. 3 Writing Assignments worth 100 Pts. each=300 Pts. 4 Open Book Chapter Tests worth 20 Pts. each=80 Pts. Total Points for the Semester=730 A=657-730 points (90-100%) B=584-656 points (80-89%) C=511-583 points (70-79%) D=438-510 points (60-69%) F=Below 438 Total Points Section Instructor: Faye Bernstein E-mail: [email protected] Last modified: Monday, August 24, 2009, 05:09

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