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Group Presentation Assignment

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Group Presentation Assignment The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt Presentations 11/30 and 12/2 Again we will divide responsibility for reading and portions of a book, this time The Happiness Hypothesis, so that each of you has substantial understanding of the book. Everyone will read the first two chapters. If you have gotten out of the habit of actually reading the assigned portions of books, I strongly urge you to do the reading, because these first couple chapters will set up the context for the portion you will report on. Responsibility for your chapter requires thorough familiarity with it so each of you should read the whole chapter and outline/summarize it, then blend your summaries for presentation. Sign up to volunteer for a chapter (with Chapter 11 being tacked on to Chapter 3, since both are quite short). The longest chapter will have 3 presenters. Again, several steps will be involved in this project, several of which will be graded: 1. Each of you should prepare by making a list of the major points in your section. You should turn this in to me before you collaborate with your other group member(s), so that I can evaluate your individual comprehension of your section. (1 grade for each individual) 2. You should meet at least once to coordinate your presentation. Plan it carefully, so that each presentation takes 8-10 minutes. (Ungraded) 3. Prepare two handouts: one will be a brief outline of the section (to be distributed after the presentation); the other will include a couple of thought-provoking quotations and may be distributed before or during the presentation. (1 grade for the handouts—same grade for both presenters) 4. Presentations will be done in chapter order. (1 grade for each presentation—same grade for both presenters)Chapters 3 & 11, “Reciprocity with a Vengeance” and “Conclusion: On Balance” Adam, Courtney Chapter 4, “The Faults of Others” Samantha, Ariel Chapter 5, “The Pursuit of Happiness” Jessica, Anna Chapter 6, “Love and Attachments” Nicole, Tiffany Chapter 7, “The Uses of Adversity” Kurt, Mark Chapter 8, “The Felicity of Virtue” Mike, Dakota Chapter 9, “Divinity With or Without God” Danny, Joel, Drew Chapter 10, “Happiness Comes from Between” Stephanie,

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