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pSeries Overview and Essential Commands Agenda Design Design choices choices pSeries pSeries Overview Overview Essential Essential Commands Commands System System configuration configuration Administration Administration August August 2002 2002 Charles Charles Grassl Grassl IBM IBM Advanced Advanced Computing Computing Technology Technology Center Center Advanced Advanced Chip Technologies Technology Collaboration 1997 1997 Copper Copper Circuitry Divisions Divisions New New semiconductor semiconductor manufacturing manufacturing process process Copper Copper has has higher higher electron electron mobility mobility RS 6000 RS 6000 Division Division CPU CPU architecture architecture Operating Operating System System IBM IBM Research Research Computer Computer Science Science 1998 1998 Silicon On Insulator Silicon On Insulator Applications Applications Communication Communication Thin Thin layer layer of of SiO SiO22 under silicon surface under 25 25 less less power power at at the the same same frequenc frequencyy Semiconductor Semiconductor S 390 S 390 1 4 Large Large System System Manufacturing Manufacturing SiO2 SOI Advanced Advanced Chip Technologies Integrated Integrated Circuit Circuit Trends Trends 2000 low k dielectric dielectric 2000 low k Shielded Shielded Copper Copper circuits circuits Fundamental Fundamental change change in in materials materials Reduces Reduces cross talk cross talk Smaller Smaller line widths Nearly Nearly 0 1 0 1 micron micron Lower Lower voltages voltages Changing Changing every every year year High High signal speed 2001 2001 Strained Strained Silicon material material isis stretched strained stretched strained Speeds Speeds up up flow flow of of electrons electrons Microprocessor Manufacturing Trends Trends SiO SiO22 Copper Copper Low Low kk dielectric dielectric Design Options Dramatic Dramatic increase increase in in gate gate count count per per chip chip Size Size 400 400 sq sq mm mm 20 20 mm mm xx 20 20 mm mm Line width 0 11

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