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August 26 2008 1 Strategic Management Seminar California State University Northridge College of Business and Economics Dr Daniel Degravel Strategic Management Fall 2008 Bus 497 Class 17637 TR 2pm 3 15pm Class 17638 TR 3 30pm 4 45pm August to December 2008 2 Day Outline I Professor introduction II Course Objectives III Course Structure and Schedule IV Evaluation V Teaching Method VI Work for students VII Contents VIII Students presentation 3 Professor Daniel Degravel Ph D daniel degravel csun edu Ofce Phone 818 677 2402 1 Internal consultant 3 Faculty Four perspectives 2 Project manager 4 External consultant 4 1 Internal consultant Professor Advisor Implementor Study and make recommendations Preparation of Material for Decision Follow up of Solutions Implementation 2 Project manager Company Electricit de France Gaz de France HR Department Paris France Topics Strategic Integration of core competences towards individual and collective competences Link Strategy HRM Job Evaluation and Classifcation Integration of new hired people HR Performance Constructor Pilot and Teamwork Animator Change Management Construction of Method Tool Process First Cycle and Preparation of Resources to run it after start 5 Professor School USC Los Angeles CA USA Pepperdine University Malibu CA USA Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles CA USA Cal Lutheran University Thousand Oaks CA USA CSU Northridge CA USA CSU Pomona CA USA CSU Fullerton CA USA Paris Cr teil University France Paris Dauphine University France Topics Strategic Management Change Management HR Management Professor and Communicator Constructor of Knowledge 3 Faculty Knowledge Tranferor Knowledge Builder Searcher Class and Groups Animator Fields of interest Resource Based Approaches Corporate and Core Competencies Managerial and organizational cognition in RBV and strategy Market Small Businesses Publishing and Advertising industries General strategic and organizational diagnosis Consultant Diagnosis builder as a generalist

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