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Special Education 101  Special education is:  general and special education teachers working together to meet the needs of a disabled student.  provisions of the general education curriculum, with modifications and accommodations, as agreed upon by an ARD (Admittance, Review, and Dismissal) committee. Special Education Legislation  1975-Public Law 94-142 The Education for All Handicapped Children Act  FAPE- Free and Appropriate Public Education Each school district provides, at no cost to the parents or guardians, a free and appropriate public education to all students ages 3-22, who meet eligibility requirements, and reside in the district.  1997-IDEA Individuals With Disabilities Education Act Reauthorization of federal laws relating to special education It Can’t Be Like This… Look, Listen, and Learn http://streaming.discoveryeducation.com/search/assetDetail.cfm?guidAssetID=31655997-445a-4f0c-8053-77e112458d4b How are Students Identified for Special Education?  Referrals from teachers, administrators, and/or parents lead to the identification of a student who may need special services.  Once a referral is made, a comprehensive individual assessment is made.  Determination for assessment is based on: 1. A physical, mental, and/or emotional disability, 2. Not achieving at his/her age level 3. A severe discrepancy between achievement and intellectual ability Who is Eligible? Students 3-22 years of age, who may have one or more disabilities.  Orthopedic Impairment  Other Health Impaired  Mental Retardation  Emotional Disturbance  Learning Disability  Speech Impairment  Autism/Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified  Traumatic Brain Injury  Multiple Disabilities  Auditory/Visual Impairment  Students disabled for a minimum of 4 weeks  Non-categorical Can All Schools Serve a Child with a Disability?  All campuses provide services for special education.  Specialized programs for some students are strategically located throughout the district.  District will provide transportation to students needing services outside their attendance area.

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