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Special Education 101 Special education is general and special education teachers working together to meet the needs of a disabled student provisions of the general education curriculum with modifications and accommodations as agreed upon by an ARD Admittance Review and Dismissal committee Special Education Legislation 1975 Public Law 94 142 The Education for All Handicapped Children Act FAPE Free and Appropriate Public Education Each school district provides at no cost to the parents or guardians a free and appropriate public education to all students ages 3 22 who meet eligibility requirements and reside in the district 1997 IDEA Individuals With Disabilities Education Act Reauthorization of federal laws relating to special education It Can t Be Like This Look Listen and Learn http streaming discoveryeducation com search assetDetail cfm guidAssetID 31655997 445a 4f0c 8053 77e112458d4b How are Students Identified for Special Education Referrals from teachers administrators and or parents lead to the identification of a student who may need special services Once a referral is made a comprehensive individual assessment is made Determination for assessment is based on 1 A physical mental and or emotional disability 2 Not achieving at his her age level 3 A severe discrepancy between achievement and intellectual ability Who is Eligible Students 3 22 years of age who may have one or more disabilities Orthopedic Impairment Other Health Impaired Mental Retardation Emotional Disturbance Learning Disability Speech Impairment Autism Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified Traumatic Brain Injury Multiple Disabilities Auditory Visual Impairment Students disabled for a minimum of 4 weeks Non categorical Can All Schools Serve a Child with a Disability All campuses provide services for special education Specialized programs for some students are strategically located throughout the district District will provide transportation to students needing services outside

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