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Psych 350 - Social Psychology

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Psych 350 1st Edition Lecture 20 Outline of Last Lecture I Does the hard to get effect exist II Reactance III Attachment Styles Outline of Current Lecture I Companionate Love II Keys to a happy marriage Current Lecture I II Companionate Love a Form of affection found between close friends as well as romantic partners b Less intense than passionate love But in some respects it is deeper and more enduring Characterized by high levels of self disclosure Often reciprocal Keys to a happy marriage a At least a 5 1 ratio of positive interactions to negative interactions b Avoid Gottmans four horseman of the apocalypse Criticism defensiveness stonewalling contempt Example of criticism You re always watching TV why can t you just get up for once and do some shit around the house Example of Defensiveness your always watching TV no you re always watching TV cant I just do my job and watch a little news Example Contempt mocking I know what s going to happen Oh honey everything is going to be ok I m right behind you in the other persons voice Example of stonewalling the silent treatment refusing to cooperate Criticism call attention to percienved problems with the partner and relationship Contempt putting down their partner can be non verbal rolling eyes smirk Defensiveness denying responsibility sometimes denying partner back Stonewalling withdrawing These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute

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