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Psych 350 - Social Psychology

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Psych 350 1st Edition Lecture 18 Outline of Last Lecture I The Need to Belong II Shyness III Initial Attraction IV The Major Role of Physical Attractiveness Outline of Current Lecture I What s physically attractive II Importance of Similarity III Why don t opposites attract Current Lecture I II III What s physically attractive a Some surprises we like average faces we like symmetrical faces b True or False When it comes to romantic relationships opposites attract FALSE Although there are some exceptions Importance of similarity a We tend to associate with others who are similar to ourselves b Demographics geographical location race income ect c Attitudes and experience d Physical attractiveness Matching hypothesis Predicts progress in a relationship Mismatch in attractiveness may be countered by other assets e g fame money e Asset matching Why don t opposites attract These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute a Complementary hypothesis people seek others whose needs oppose their own someone who is less outgoing might seek someone who is more outgoing b Not supported by research c Reprocity ill like you if you like me

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