UGA BIOL 1103 - Darwin's Life (2 pages)

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Darwin's Life

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Darwin's Life


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Biol 1103 - Concepts in Biology

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BIOL 1103 1st Edition Lecture 19 Outline of Last Lecture I Transgenic Biotechnology II Restriction Enzymes and DNA Ligase III Recombinant DNA and Plasmids IV Reproductive Cloning V PCR VI Stem Cells a Controversy and Potential Outline of Current Lecture I Darwin s Family II Education III Fitzroy and The Beagle IV Darwin s Life Current Lecture Charles Darwin was born on the same date as Abraham Lincoln February 12 1809 Erasmus Darwin was Charles grandfather 1731 1802 o Did some work with science Dr Robert Darwin was Charles father o Married Susannah Wedgewood and had five children Darwin s mom died when he was eight and was raised by older sisters He went to Edinburgh University to study medicine and be a physician like his father o Decided he didn t want to He then went to Christ s College Cambridge to study and become clergyman o Reverend J S Henslow was professor of botany there and mentored Darwin and encouraged him to pursue science Fitzroy was captain of a ship named The Beagle after previous captain committed suicide o Fitzroy while on an excursion took four Fuegans captive and took them back to England to Christianize them Fitzroy was then going to return them to Tierra Del Fuego but wanted Christian companion on three to five year journey o Darwin wanted to go but his dad said no o Darwin s Uncle Jos convinced Dr Darwin to let Charles go These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o On this trip Darwin would take month long excursions at ports and this is the trip in which he made so many observations on the Galapagos Islands though he was only there for a few weeks o Syms Covington was Darwin s assistant o The Beagle landed in Falmouth in 1836 Following his trip Darwin moved back to London and began first notes on natural selection Malthus essay on linear food growth and exponential population growth was key in developing Darwin s principle of

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