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I Entered at New York Post 05 as Second Class Matter Ju st Published LIFE The OF JESUS BY ERNEST 400 pages Beaotifdly IIlnstrated IN PRESS Cloth 60 cents SCHOPENHAUER of Schopenhauer NOTICES p per OF LIFE BY ARTHUR portrait 76 ok The WISDOM With RENAN Paper OF THE 25 cx3nts PRESS Schopenhauer is not smply a moralist writing i his study and applying abstract principles to the conduct of thought and action but is also in a large measure a man of the world with a firm grasp of the Pctual and is therefore able to speak in a way which to use Bacon s phrawz comes home lo men s busmess and bwwms The essentially practwal character of his Wisdom of LZ IS evidenced by his frequent recourse to illustrations and his sin u arly apt use of them Mr Bai ay Saunders introductwv ess v addsmuch to the vrlue and interest of a singularly suggestive volume Manclrester Examiner The new lights which Mr Saunders translations give us into the chararter of the great pessimist are of considerable value T le Wisdom of Lij2 is w 11 worth reading and Mr Saunders has done his work wall Glasgow Her d In I repatration IGNORANT From Portraits of The PHILOSOPHER tne French Descartes of 5 L de lloltaire and Spinoza Paper 25 cts VOLTAIRE S LETTERS ONTHECHRISTIAM RELIGION With comments on the writings nf accused of attacking Christianity the most eminent Many port s authors who have Paper 25 cents been THE PHILOSOPHYOFHISTORY By Voltaire With superb portrait of the Empress Catherine This admirable work is IL humbly dedicated by the author to the most high and puissant Princess CATHEHIXE THE SECON Empress cnf all the Russias protrectress of the arts and sciences bv hevgenzus enti Zed to iudge of ancient nattons as she IS by her merit worthy to govern her own Paper zscts IJOLTAIRES ON THE EMINENT LETTERS WHO HAVE WRITERS OF ATTACKING CHRISTIAN RELIGION ADDRESSED HZS BEEN ACCUSED THE HIGHNESS THE TO PRINCE OF Crcdidz firopter quad Zocutos sum 2 believed it because I have said it is the motto of mankind

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